Smart air purifier (new product)

I know there’s a few out now but some (Winix) brands lack proper support. They’ve got the air purifier part down, but have a hard time with the software/app. Could include an air quality or voc sensor and power on automatically, and or include scheduling from the app. I tried making mine smart with the use of a wyze plug but that can only power it off which is pointless because it already comes with an off timer. Would be great to have it on a schedule or triggered by a sensor.

Might go well with this #wishlist item : Air quality sensor

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Small but great, Wyze Smart Air Purifier includes the following features

  • Air Quality Sensor - can be viewed through app
  • Air Quality Indicator Light - located on top of the tower BLUE (Great) GREEN (OK) YELLOW (Fair) LIGHT ORANGE (Hazardous)
    -Quiet But Strong
    -Noise Level 50dB Or more or Less
  • 3 fan speed
  • Cylinder Shape
  • Ultra Portable
  • 250sqft Coverage
  • light Weight
  • Built In Handle
  • Alexa Google and Siri Home Pod Controlled
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I would like a Wyze Smart Air Purifier especially if it had the features @FrostChills made!

Also like @Loki mentioned if it worked together with a Air Quality Sensor that would be cool

I would like one as well. It would be great to have something similar to the Winix AM90 with standard filters that can last 6-12 months and that don’t cost half the price of the unit. I would buy several units.

There’s nothing inexpensive in the current marketplace that meets my demands. The cheap ones are loud and not smart. The expensive ones are…well very expensive.


  1. standard-sized replacement HEPA filters
  2. quiet / maybe similar to Dyson’s air multiplier
  3. smart - including scheduling, sound/light monitoring to match run speed, air monitoring including history, filter life monitoring, etc
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I would like a programmable Air purifier (for allergens and what not) that will work as good as 500 dollar plus products sold by competitors.

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I have been in the market for an air purifier and it is pretty weak.

I came here just to make this wishlist item but since it exists I will just add my vote.

Please consider making an air purifier and also a humidifier since they typically run hand-in-hand.

Hi, when are you going to offer wyze whole house air purifiers that includes ionizers, permanent hepa filters and heat and cold functions that work on the app? It would be nice to include air quality sensors that adapt the air speed to particles in the air.