Smaller Grid Detection Zone Boxes - Wyze Cam

The “Grid Detection Zone Boxes” are too large. They need to be smaller. It is difficult to narrowly define areas to be included or excluded. While the grid feature is nice, again, the boxes are too large; they do not work well; and, too many notifications are generated and sent on excluded areas on the grid. Also, there is no knowledge base posted on using the “Grid Detection Zone.” Several of the support staff that I have spoken with are not even aware the grid detection zone exists. At this point, I would rather go back to the single rectangular box. At lease it worked better, was more accurate, more user friendly, and the support staff knows about it.

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I totally agree smaller boxes are needed. I have to many bushes, shadows, etc. . that blow in the wind setting off notifications. Or wasting area that needs detected because box is to big, because what is in half the box keeps setting off notifications if turned off. I love the grid for the most part. Smaller boxes would solve my issue tremendously. I would not want to go back to one big zone.

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I agree!

I just reverted my WyzeCam 2 from a Webcam for the first time since March 2020 and have noticed that the new detection grid sucks. I like dragging the old marquee box instead.

Now, I know that the advantages of having a grid are that the user can select multiple detection areas, but, i have large fingers and it is very hard for me to select just a plain old square. How hard would it be to be able to drag a detection zone with a marquee then select “Add Detection Zone” or a “+” to add another zone?

The grid may look cool, but really, it’s awkard, doesn’t work well…a step backward.

I agree… when you blacken the area you want to eliminate it still constantly sends notifications! Every five minutes … it has gotten to the point where I ignore the notifications. Net result… a Heron has taken FIVE of my pet koi and I couldn’t avoid it. I have seven cameras and it’s not good.
When Wyze started out and just had cameras, things were great. I’ve spent over $300 on the equipment and I’m sorry to say… Ring is working flawlessly. Their cost is comparable - $3 a month.
This is a damned shame.

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