Siri Shortcuts

two years and this basic feature is still missing.

I need a shortcut for the Wyze lock so I can make an automation that unlocks my door.


Can’t believe this isn’t an option already! It would make things so much better.


Why is this not done? Is there a technical reason? How do you respond to those who say this is the company prioritizing profits and new customer growth over the quality of the experience for existing customers?

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I agree, IFTTT leaves a lot to be desired. Siri Shortcuts or HomeKit sure would make things easier.

I’m also bummed that I can’t tell Siri to turn my lights on or off :roll_eyes:. Going to check out IFTTT integration, as I don’t have HomeKit and therefore have been using my phone to automate and control my lights.

Siri shortcut is like the poor mans HomeKit (in my opinion) but if it means I can integrate with the Apple ecosystem it’s a huge bonus for anyone who wants to integrate their cameras with Apple.

Can we please get integration with Siri shortcuts? Not Homekit, only shortcuts. This would allow something like an NFC tag to trigger routines or other lightbulb automations (colors, scenes, etc).