Siri Shortcuts

i would like to have a siri shortcut for turn motion off camera 1 for instance. i have an ifttt that turns on cam1 motion when i leave but there are dogs that move around and sometimes a person is still at the house. i have a widget to quickly do it from ifttt but no way to speak my request when i’m driving and the notifications are going off left and right…

Can you elaborate please? I have no idea how to implement what you are describing.


You can’t implement it. Wyze would have to do that in the app.

What you can do is set up shortcuts in the Wyze app to perform various functions. See this:

What @VdotN is suggesting is to make any Wyze shortcuts that a user has set up available to Apple’s iOS Siri Shortcuts:

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How are you getting this to work? When I ask, Siri thinks I’m saying WiFi, waze or wise. Please help, thanks.

I would love it if we could use the new Wyze Bulb with Siri shortcuts. This would basically replace the Siri support aspect of a HomeKit integration. Siri Shortcuts could also be used to view cameras. Commands could be, “Hey Siri, show me the garage” or “Hey Siri, turn on Kitchen lights. This would be great and it would be a lot easier to build than a Homekit integration.