Siri Shortcuts



Will the Wyze cam support Siri Shortcuts in ios12? Or does it already?


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iOS Shortcuts App compatibility.
Shortcuts on iOS widget screen

I second this. A Siri Shortcuts I’d like to see:

Show “Garage” - opens the “Garage” camera feed


I’ve added your desire for Siri Shortcuts to Wyze’s feature request tracker.


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I’ve added your vote too.


I second both of these requests. Please add my vote to each.


I’ve added your requests to the tracker.


Siri Shortcuts would be awesome.


I’ve moved this post about Siri Shortcuts over to the #roadmap so you can now VOTE for it using the button at the top of this page.

The comments regarding Homekit Integration have been moved here:

You can VOTE for Homekit Integration there separately.


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Title says it all, I think many of us would love to be able to use iOS shortcuts app to work with Wyze.
Some ideas for URL’s are:

  • Open to a specific camera.
  • Rotate Wyze pan with custom intervals
  • Check when last detection was.

Comment more ideas down below for URLs.