Siren device?

Why not a separate siren device since we have existing contact, PIR, person detection, etc. and potentially water and temp/humidity sensors could just leverage that instead of building it into each device? We could choose if we want one or more sirens, we could program them to trigger from any type of sensor.

Each camera already has a speaker. They could be the siren. What I don’t know is how loud each of those can be without damaging the speaker.

As mentioned in another thread, alerts may also be able to be played over an Echo or Google Home device.

I personally don’t think there should be extra/specific hardware if there are other options to utilize existing items.

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Please see this topic. :slight_smile:

(PS - you might be amazed at what is already on the forum from doing a Search before posting. :wink: )


Thanks, glad to see I’m not on an island with the siren request.

P.S. I clearly hadn’t heard of this search thing before today :wink:

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Yes, I really want to have a siren as well. Hoping this will be moved to the roadmap at some point.