Since I foolishly bought an EA product, how do I get the dang firmware and software updates?

Would someone just be kind and post a simple how to to sign up for and apply these *^%#~^# updates y’all keep talking about?

I have tried and failed to find a way to do this since I am not a beta tester — oh wait I am — and didn’t want to be.

I just want a simple process to update the firmware on my band and my app if I must, however I do have other working Wyze stuff so I don’t want to mess them up just because I’m trying this &@@$@“ band.

Please? Save your sermons, either help a brother out or not, but don’t tell me I can find it else where on the forum unless you direct link a post with actual instructions.


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Unfortunately the only way to update the band (or any other Wyze device) to a beta firmware is to use the beta version of the Wyze app. At the moment there just is no other way, at least none that I am aware of.

While my experience with the current beta app has been relatively uneventful there are others that have had issues. So if you are at all concerned you should proceed with caution.

I am an iOS user FWIW.

If you decide to proceed start here:

Are you running the most current version of the production Wyze app?

Here is a link to all of the current production app and firmware versions:

The band version was last updated to on 4/29/20. I have always used the app the update my devise firmware. Because you have other Wyze devices, I assume you know the drill.

I hope this is what you are looking for and helps you out.

That is the thing I am unwilling to do. I refuse to sign up as a beta tester on principle because I did not buy a ‘beta’ product.

I bought a product on early access, it was not advertised as beta or or rc or gs builds (industry terms) so I’m not going to ‘beg’ for access to code that should at the least, be optionally available to me as a normal user.

Can you tell I’m hot about this issue? I have 20 years of tech product development on my resume. I know what I’m doing. This is being handled worse than the worst case I ever dealt with in my career, and I had a role in antennagate. Shame shame shame Wyze.

I understand your frustration and your point. Unfortunately it is what it is at this point. Like you I have (in my case 35 years) a long career in tech development.

I am somewhat disappointed in the approach Wyze has taken with what they call an “Early Access” product. To prove it’s really marketing hype you just have to look at their storefronts. The products are listed with pictures and specs and even prices but on these forums any mention of them is moved from the public access areas to a less public forum. You can’t have it both ways unless it’s a marketing ploy.

purchasing a EA product is just that, you’re getting early access to purchase early, Wyze has never said EA is beta product. If you are using the latest production app and there’s no firmware update, don’t fret, you have the latest. Personally I choose to use the beta app to get early access to new features. It also helps Wyze discover any bugs there may be in the beta firmware/app. If you are unwilling to use the beta app to get access to new features, you’ll just have to wait until it’s ready for official release, I don’t understand the need to be upset about that.

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@technodaddy, Jim, I am right there with not wanting to use the beta app. I have a very stable environment with my Wyze products. I don’t want to upset the apple cart with what is by definition an unproven app or firmware. Obviously, Ken and Bob was willing to live on the bleeding edge.

I will ask again, what versions of the app and the band do you currently have? As you asked in your OP, I provided a link to the app and firmware version releases. Is there anything else you need?

Also, I thought the latest band FW update was being rolled out gradually. So, if you are still one version behind and are not being prompted to update yet, that could mean you are still in the queue to get it. Now if you ask me how they determine the order and time frame for their rollout, all I can say is “you got me by the short and curlys.”

You are correct but they act like it’s beta. They hide conversations about Early Access products both on these forums, Facebook, and to a lessor extent Reddit. Also support is mixed. I have called just to have support tell me it’s an beta product therefore I have to get help via the app only. And while they may not be officially beta products Wyze is not treating them as production products either.

absolutely! Next month when the Pixel beta 11 arrives, I’ll be all over it. I’m pretty techy so I don’t shy away from new tech.

The latest band firmware ( has been paused

we can agree to disagree :slight_smile: If you’ve done any hardware testing for Wyze (I think I saw u mention u did for the scale), you know that the product is extensively tested for many months.

I think they keep the EA products discussion in the EA forum since it’s not officially released & available to purchase. I see it more as a housekeeping thing, not “hiding” discussion. Maybe the support person u spoke with was just giving u their opinion, I suspect Wyze would not support them telling people it was a beta product. I’m not saying the product may not need some polishing, but u already know Wyze has a track record of continually updating/polishing/improving their products.

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If a product is listed in your regular store, including photos, price, and specs, and just says “out of stock” then it’s a fully released product as far as the market or public is concerned.

Hey I don’t disagree per se with you, I think true beta testing is different. But Early Access is really just a way of drumming up hype. It’s a well understood marketing tactic.

yeah I would agree, it does make it appear that it’s a fully launched product, but maybe in their eyes it is. They do send out emails when a EA product is available.

agreed on the hype too, although I also view EA as a way for the true Wyze followers to get their hands on new tech b4 the general peeps.

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