Simultaneous Streaming



We are currently looking into this but don’t have a time table. Having the ability to view 4 or 6 Wyze Cams at once would improve many use cases for people with multiple Wyze Cams but most notably would help people that are security conscious or have kids.



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Is it possible to have a multi-split live stream screen ? Capable of seeing a couple cameras at the same time ?


Not at the present time


cast your vote here - Simultaneous Streaming

all feature requests are discussed in the “roadmap” section of the forum.


Hello, i just want to suggest a split view. I currently use a 3rd party app (which i was part of the day 1 beta) the app i use allows for split views which are configurable and allow for 2x2,3x3,1x5,etc. I will say i use the 3rd party app due to it being compatible with most camera brands, it does not allow you to turn on or off panscan or talk to the person on camera(you can toggle sound to hear and control ptz). It would be great to be able to configure all of my cameras in a layout live view so i can watch at same time with the ability to select individually. These features would be great to add to this app. I would love ti add photos as an example but this app dont allow it to be uploaded from my phone.


I would love to be able to see certain cameras in a quad view / multi screen on my iPhone. This way I can monitor more than one camera at the same time. Being able to select which cameras I want in the multi screen view would be awesome!


You can do it with TinyCam


This is on our road-map and we’re considering implementing this in the next few releases.


I use this as a monitor for my pets. I have multiple cameras, and it would make things a lot easier to be able to jump into the main devices page and check on all my furry friends, instead of having to go into each camera individually.

I know this may not be a feature so it doesn’t use too much data, or something, but I wish it was an option that could be toggled on and off. This would be pretty much the only feature I would need so I could get rid of the baby monitors I use.

Keep up the good work!


I dumped our nest cam for wyze cams over the weekend…the first question my wife asked, was why the image on the devices page was static. I explained, and she was ok with it…but this would be an great feature…


Please add my vote. I just bought 6 of these to replace foscam system in my house. I need the ability to monitor all cameras live at the same time or I have to return these cameras. I know I can do it via tinycam, but they don’t have an app for iOS and my wife has apple. This feature is a deal breaker for us, especially since my 6 year old cameras and app have been doing it for so long.