Simultaneous Streaming (Multi-camera viewing)



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@WyzeGwendolyn or @WyzeDongsheng
i’m very impatient do you guys have a timeline because this feature would literally make me set for life and i wouldn’t care about rtsp anymore.


No timeline yet. Sorry about that! But we’re working on it. :slight_smile:


This is a client side surveillance dashboard. The need for RTSP enables the user to deploy an NVR which brings with it the benefits of a surveillance dashboard.

However, many users can enjoy similar functionality without adding an NVR. Local storage required for viewing history of course.

The surveillance dashboard would have the following features:

  1. View all cameras in equally sized squares.

  2. View one camera in a larger square, while viewing all remaining cameras in small squares.

  3. View two cameras in a larger square, while viewing all remaining cameras in small squares.

  4. View four cameras in a larger square, while viewing all remaining cameras in small squares.

  5. View live or syncronized from continuous storage.

  6. Single time line slider with highlighting that signifies motion detection (no 5 minute cool down period)

  7. Named square presets. User selects a squares template. User populates squares with cameras. User saves squares preset. When viewing surveillance dashboard, user has toggle to select/change between squares preset.

  8. Integrate with cloud account in order to reverse proxy the dashboard to the client when running on the internet.

This feature could later be expanded to provide NVR like functionality on Android (box), eliminating the need for local storage in cameras.


I found Tinycam Pro app on Android works well for Streaming Wyze Cams simultaneously


Where can I find instructions on how to add Wyze cam to TinyCam pro?


Instructions linked to set up Tinycam. Or you can do youtube search. I know there are instructions there, too.


I wonder how woud this work with alexa. Do you just say: “alexa, show all cameras” for it to view all camera at once or do you just say “alexa, show [camera name] and [camera name] and…”? I’m curious about this.


There are several threads on here about Alexa. The search function (magnifying glass at top-right) is really robust on this forum. :wink:


I honestly don’t know that answer yet. Sorry!


I second what app?


@WyzeGwendolyn is this still a considered feature? Is it coming out this quarter?


Live multi view; is this a extremely hard feature to implement ? ; is that why we are not seeing this updated?


@andrewasciutto, we’ll do our best to have it out this quarter! We tried a version in alpha but it wasn’t very stable so we had to push it back while we work on it. @maxspeedvette, I’m not a programmer so I don’t think I have the best answer to your question. But I do know that we’ve been working on it for quite a while and it’s still not stable enough for beta so it’s at least moderately difficult.