Simultaneous Streaming (Multi-camera viewing)

Your upload speed could be affecting this. The following is from the camera specs page. Remember this is per camera.

Connectivity Requirements: Upload speed 1.0 Mbps for SD and 1.5 Mbps for HD

(360p was not listed, and is only available for V2 and Pan cameras)


I checked out some wireless settings in my router turns out my 2.4ghz channel was on wireless G.instead of N. I went from 1.5 Mbps up to 22.2 so lets see if that works better

Awesome! Let us know if that worked out for you, or not. :slight_smile:

Still having the same issues. My two front cams are right next to each other (outside) one has 56% wifi signal the other is 65% the third is on the back porch and is at 51%. It always the first cam that drops out and won’t connect. When Viewing all three. Here is a screen shot of my speed test on my 2.4ghz channel. It doesn’t matter what quality settings I use either the first cam always drops out when viewing all 3. Viewing just 2 no problem

Installed the beta, multi-view is great so far! Having the ability to play sound on one or more devices simultaneously would be great for our two young kids. That way we’d know if either one or both are fussing.

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Vote for sound here!


Just out of curiosity, which router do you have? Those WiFi strength numbers seem kind of low to me. I upgraded my R7000 to a mesh system, and have much better luck with my cameras now.

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It’s the standard Comcast modem

I suspect that might be your problem. Comcast’s modems/routers may not be designed to work in a smart home. This is just a guess as I don’t have any experience with their equipment. Is there a Comcast forum you can peruse to see if others are having issues with their Comcast equipment while using IoT devices? I stopped using ISP issued equipment quite a while ago. In fact, if we switch to CenturyLink, I’m going to use their modem, but use my own WiFi router in place of the built-in one on their device.

Is that speed test taken within inches or feet of the cameras?

just updated my Wyze app with the Camera Group feature. However, when I created a Camera Group, it unfortunately removed and replaces the current individual camera shortcuts that, were on the home screen. This let me choose an individual camera that I was interested in looking at. I want the ability to choose individual cameras or a group. How can I “add” another shortcut to the home screen to include the Camera Group for those times when I want to stream them all at the same time but still have the ability to pick individual cameras? If there isn’t away at this time then please update the Wyze App to allow having both the Individual views as well as Group view, not one or the other.

Cameras placed in groups are still accessible individually, just the method getting to them is different now. Please see the “Grouping” section on this support page.



Thanks for the reply, but this is not convenient at all.

Instead of having to open the group view first, THEN scroll to the camera you want to see individually, THEN tapping on the camera view you want, THEN tapping on the little arrow within a box just to get to the individual camera view makes no sense at all. The home screen view should be… ALL of the individual cameras WITH an additional shortcut for group view.

That way I can pick what I want quickly and efficiently.

Please tell the developers that there is no reason to have one view or the other.

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@gx1844 I agree that there should be individual cameras on the home screen with shortcut to groups… Does this have to be added to the wishlist?

Although it is far more important to put resources into updating the incredible number of false notifications we are getting by implementing some sort of delay in pixel changes to account for bugs, rain to shadows as well as improving the time between motion detection to an actual notification to our smartphones is first and foremost, it would be nice to have all the camera’s individual shortcut as well as a group shortcut on the home screen.

I’ve added this to the #wishlist here:

Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.


Is there a way to call this group name from an alexa device so I can see the camera group?

No, but a search of #wishlist and #roadmap yielded this:


Thanks, what about, having the same camera in multiple groups?

@majoroti Add same camera to multiple groups