Simple Wyze Sense on/off and scheduling idea


I’ve seen several questions (and responded to a few) about toggling on/off Wyze Sense devices either manually, or via a schedule. This is the solution I came up with while testing these devices.

  • Reserve a Wyze cam to install a Wyze Sense bridge in that you will connect the sensors to that you want to toggle on and off. (I used an indoor camera in my home that I didn’t want on during the daytime, or while I was home)

  • Install the bridge in that camera, and connect the sensors to that bridge

  • Connect a smart plug to your network with a scheduling feature, and program a schedule during the time(s) you want the camera and sensors turned on and off. (Hopefully, the smart plugs Wyze is developing will have a scheduling feature :slight_smile: )

  • Plug your camera (with the bridge) into the smart plug

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