Simple Smart Thermometer

I need simple thermometers that I can place around the house and monitor when I’m traveling in the winter. The living room. The wine cellar. The water pump room (we have a well).

I’ve tried some products and found their connectivity is unstable. All my Wyze devices, in contrast, are stable and reliable.

I’m not talking thermostat – I just want to know if the furnace is working!


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There is already a temperature/humidity sensor in early access:

As to the products you’ve tried, did you try the SwitchBot ones (currently on a CyberMonday sale)?:

I have a number of these around my home, including one under the eave of my roof and another close to the ground (and my water supply’s exit from the ground) underneath my home.


I vote for in the app and keep it small. I would also like to see a sensor that can be used to monitor refrigerator, freezer and outdoor grill.

Indoor / Outdoor temperature and humidity sensors would be great and without the screen.
If you can kick a wind speed reader into that too, that would be awesome though temp and humidity are the priority.
There are many ways to open the wyze app on repurposed phones and tablets around the house if desired to see the info. Small and energy efficient is great.