simple request, Motion Detection Zone height



The Motion Detection Zone height currently can’t be smaller than about half the screen height or 0.5. Not sure why this is the case, but I would like to have it smaller, at least 1/4 or .25, or smaller.

This should be a simple fix.






In the iOS app, I can set it to 1/3 of the screen height. Which phone OS are you using?


Split the difference. In my @#$%^&* iPhone 6S, it’s 40% - yes I measured it.
But yes, it would be nice to get less than that…


Looks like this is a bug that occurs to a specific device type and model. The bug occurs in iPhone SE which is similar to iPhone 5s, a 4 inch screen. Video is set to HD.

Good thing I’m also using a 2nd device Google Nexus 5X and this bug does not occur. I can make the motion detection area as small as 1/10 or 0.1 height.

I wonder if anyone else with iPhone SE or 5s can reproduce this bug?


… and Thanks to the founders of this company, these cams awesome!




K6CCC, can you share your device type and model?


As I said it’s a @#$%^&* iPhone 6S
I hate this phone!


I would like to see all four corners to be independent so we are not constrained to either a box or a rectangle, for my main camera location a trapezoid will work best


I concur. I have multiple V2 cams and an iphone 6s. I tried to create a detection zone on the lower portion of the screen, but was unable to create one small enough to get rid of all the unnecessary notifications I’m receiving. I could not get the top of the boundary box to go lower than about 1/3 of the way from the bottom. As flacousa62 mentioned, I’d prefer to create a trapezoid, but I’ll deal with a rectangular shape.

FWIW, I love my 6S :wink:


Trapezoid would be nice, even better polygons and multiple zones :slight_smile: The compute is likely local as oppose to the cloud, so it might not have enough hardware resource to do it.

At the very least though wyze should fix this bug that appears to be an iOS bug only and not on Android. Should be an easy bug fix.



Good to know the detection box can be made smaller in Android! I can only make the box 1/3rd height on my iPhone 7 Plus, and need it just a bit lower to avoid picking up all the cars driving by on the street. I’ll have to use my old Android phone just to set motion detection box. Hope they can fix the iOS app to be able to set any size box.