silence update notifications



This is really annoying. I will update when I’m damn good and ready. There should always be an option to silence or turn off this message. You only piss me off more every time I see this damn thing. Please code for your customers not your programmers. No one like a frickn pop up with the same damn message delaying them actually doing what they want… looking at their video feed. If i didn’t do it the first 50 damn times do you think pushing the thing in my face every time I try to look at my video will convince me to do it???

It really doesn’t take more than a few extra line of code… I am quite capable of deciding if and when I want to upgrade.

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Do you really expect them to listen when you approach them in that manor and use that type of language?


Hi there, we can consider dropping the frequency or offer an option to be silent for a few days. One question I would like to ask is what is the reason you don’t want to perform the upgrade? Many of our new features will need the latest firmware to support. It is also supposed to have less bugs too. :slight_smile:

Note: yes, there are a low percentage rate of upgrade failure. We are working on diagnosing the issue and our upcoming v2 is supposed to be a lot better on it.



Anyway to roll back the update. I no linger get nottification thought the motion video clip still records. Also, when I open the app I frequesntly get the message that the app stopped - please restart


The upgrade is buggy, even a low percentage rate isn’t acceptable. I should have complete control over if and when I choose to install any update. I am not a first adopter. First generation products… no thanks… First version updates… ummm no, unless they ONLY patch a security hole or fix an known issue… but they are almost never that basic, instead updates are crammed with patches, fixes, and upgrades… Roll Back… yea that should be a mandatory feature for all software.

I am actually not a fan of the version 2 camera until it has been proven in the wild. A small sample size of beta users is an OK start, but until 50-70% of users have access and are actively using the product there is no way to know what flaws, nuances or vulnerabilities exist.

The bottom line is, it’s mine I purchased it from you. If your “required” software prevents me from utilizing it in the way I desire or is such an irritant I can’t stand it… I will join the ranks of those who install alt patches to better fit MY purpose.

Irritating software or products are simply not well thought out or other lesser possibilities. We recently purchase over 10k in mutli-function printers… interesting little feature of the particular brand… you can not disable the sound tone when a key is pressed or a function accessed… They were returned immediately because… who the “F” wants to hear the beep from multiple devices every frick’n time someone is faxing or scanning a document.


I’m sorry did I in some way indicate I required input from you? If I did please disregard and retain all opinions and thoughts concerning this topic to yourself. Thank you so much for your understanding in this matter. Again, I apologize if I gave the impression your input would be desire or valued in any fashion. Have a nice day and please [profanity removed]