I’d really like an upgrade to my standard, boring bathroom showerhead. I want one with an overhead as well as handheld, and with several different streams. Compare to Aquadance.

I know its not a “smart” product. but I saw someone else requested a kitchen faucet.

Your Showerhead is currently offline, delete and reinstall in Wyze app to take a shower…LOL


A showerhead would be nice as long as it has a manual override if the wifi goes down. But a mixing valve would be even better - it would need to be plumbed in but would give the user more than just on/off control. It could raise/lower the temp, be set for individual temperature or pressure preferences, and would have no effect on the aesthetics (you could have your big rain shower head, we could keep our adjustable pressure head). Moen has one but at nearly $400 it is not a realistic option for most people.