Show or hide camera on/off buttons on home screen

I noticed some users including myself accidentally turn on and off the camera by accident with the toggle icons being so large. Can there be a setting where you can hide it from the home screen?

I still don’t understand why I would need an on/off button on the homescreen. Who is turning off their devices that frequently?

@victorstuber apparently enough people that use the beta app since they originally tested it there!

This will make more sense to more people once the bulbs come out. Since we’ll have that functionality and we don’t want to remove that for the bulbs when they arrive, this will probably not happen. But we’ll keep an eye on this topic. :slight_smile:


@WyzeGwendolyn oh… That would make more sense for light bulbs. Doesn’t seem as necessary for cameras though.


I’ll share your feedback with the team!

I actually use the on/off feature for my cameras especially if I have a guest that doesn’t feel comfortable being recorded. It’s easier for me to turn them off from the Home tab but my experiences won’t necessarily match the experiences of others. :slight_smile:

An option to hide the buttons for only cameras should be trivial to implement, it’s what, an hour of someone’s time to put a setting in a menu?

I WISH there was an option to remove the ON/OFF buttons from the home page. They introduced it, I am sure to satisfy customer demand that might have a use case for it, but all it does for me is cause issues where those with access to the cameras on the app keep pressing it by mistake. Have a show/hide on off button in the config so I can hide please…

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