Show livestream on the app's Devices page [Feature request]



I use this as a monitor for my pets. I have multiple cameras, and it would make things a lot easier to be able to jump into the main devices page and check on all my furry friends, instead of having to go into each camera individually.

I know this may not be a feature so it doesn’t use too much data, or something, but I wish it was an option that could be toggled on and off. This would be pretty much the only feature I would need so I could get rid of the baby monitors I use.

Keep up the good work!


It’s a popular request and I’ve added your vote to Wyze’s feature request tracker.


Is this feature request tracker available somewhere? I’d like to add my vote for this feature too, but also curious what else is out there that I may be looking for that’s already on the radar.


No, it’s internal, but I’ll add your vote.


I dumped our nest cam for wyze cams over the weekend…the first question my wife asked, was why the image on the devices page was static. I explained, and she was ok with it…but this would be an great feature…


@stroth… I’ve added your vote as well.