Shortcut on the alerts playback screen for live view and recorded playback



Shortcut on the alerts playback screen for live view and recorded playback (if an SD card is present).

It would be nice to be able to quickly go from viewing an alert notification to the live stream and/or full local recording.

Jump to playback from alert?
Notification brings you to playback when SD installed

I’ve added this request to Wyze’s feature request tracker.


Hello! Another thought I had. I love the cloud video notification, but it can be frustrating to have to remember the time and then go back to the playback menu for that individual camera to find where it was and see past the 10-15 second cloud video.

When an SD card is installed, I would love to see Wyze either

  1. Make it so when you select a notification it brings you to that time stamp in the playback menu, instead of the cloud video. Or,
  2. In the cloud video have a button that brings you to that same time in the playback menu. Then you could watch the cloud video and move to the playback menu to see what happened after the limited cloud video.

Thanks so much Wyze team!


Why not put a button on the screen when the 12 second alert video is playing that would take the user right to that time on the "View Playback” of the device for that alert so the user can see more of what happened then just the 12 second video (that they might have to hunt for in the timeline)?


Very good ideas indeed. Anything to allow for a quick viewing of the ‘View Playback’ would be great. Also, is it just me or is the ‘View Playback’ clunky and unreliable?
At times the recorded View Playbacks disapear even though action was captured on the 12 second video notification. Also, at times when I push on the View Playback buttons to jump foreward or backward in time the buttons dont function.