Shipping problems with Wyze plug?

Sept 3 - Received notice of shipping the Wyze plugs I ordered in July with USPS tracking number - still showing pre-shipment. USPS is not showing record of receiving from Wyze yet.

Sept 4 - Received notice of shipping the Wyze plugs again with same USPS tracking number----still showing pre-shipment. USPS is not showing record of receiving from Wyze yet.

Have they shipped?? Anxious to receive!!!

Mine show in transit Sep 7. Delivery projected for Sep 9, right after I leave for a week of biz travel. I look forward to hearing everyone’s feedback while I can’t play with my toys.

once I got that notification it took a couple of days to get the next notification…I don’t know what the delay was. I wouldn’t worry yet.

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Mine showed up on 9/7 and everything is working good, no issues

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Same process here. Currently showing delivery on 9/9.

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In my order history it only says pick-and-pack. :confused: On a level 1-10, my excitement level has fallen to about 4. :nerd_face:
Then on the other hand, after a nice cup of morning coffee, it went back up to 10! :coffee: :grin::grin:

Come on Wyze drone delivery service you can do it! :rofl:

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Mine still says pick/pack. Pretty disappointed that some have already received theirs and mine haven’t even shipped out yet. :disappointed:

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Whoever is doing the fulfillment for Wyze is doing a very poor job.

Wyze made a good choice by using the USPS for delivery.

BUT, the contractor who is picking, packing, and shipping destroys everything. They obviously do not know what they are doing or how to interface with the USPS.

Wyze needs to use Amazon for ALL fulfillment. Amazon, even early access.

My package sat at the fulfillment contractor for 3 days after it was picked and packed before it was tendered to the USPS. The USPS then delivered it the next day.


Aug 30 - I got an email saying that my plugs would be shipped next week. On Sept 8 at the bottom of an “Informed Delivery” email from USPS (not Wyze) I saw:
PSI SYSTEMS, INC - “A TRACKING NUMBER” - Estimated Delivery on: Monday, Sep 09
I am assuming that this might be the switches since it is coming from Seattle, WA. Never received anything from Wyze or PSI about switches shipping.
LAME if you ask me - Wyze needs to get this whole shipping thing worked out - another repeat of the light bulb shipping. Maybe chaos is the standard we should expect.

or plugs?

Amazon? No thanks, people are too used to waiting one to two days for shipping. Anything beyond that and there’s outrage.


Switches that plug into outlet / Outlet plug that switch on & off. Do I have to choose one or the other - too much pressure, I can’t decide.

I know right. I’m glad that we are a part of a community that helps fix our problems and concerns like the proper way to call the product. On a different note the email I received from Wyze had a tracking number in it and was pretty accurate.

My plugs were originally marked to be delivered on Saturday. Then the tracking was updated to Yesterday. Still haven’t received them. Now the tracking has no estimated delivery date. Seems they are held up in Bakersfield, California for some reason.

My issue isn’t a Wyze issue though. It is the poor handling by the USPS and its antiquated methods of operation.

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Just got mine in the mail today. My order status still says pick-n-pack though.

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My plugs just appeared in my mailbox today, and I never even received an email notice about the shipping at all. No tracking number period.

They are still showing pick and pack in my order history…really wacky :roll_eyes:

Anyway, the setup was very easy and they are working perfect. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think my plugs will appear the same way StopICU33----glad to know setup is easy.

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Since WYZE switched to this Innovations provider shipping times to east coast have suffered greatly. I used to get products in less than a week now it takes a week and a half to two weeks… I wish Home Depot or Amazon carried a Wyze Pan with a sense bridge… I’ll have to wait again I guess…

I had given up checking the tracking number with USPS for a couple of days…and today I checked it. There is ACTIVITY…USPS received my order on 9/8/19 at 7:30 PM. Expected delivery is Thursday 9/12 by 8:00 PM.

I guess the early notification was a “tease”…

Oh, in case you are wondering where else to get Wyze Cam and Wyze Cam Pan---- MicroCenter carries them also (in store and online). They also carry Sense Kit with a Cam, mounting kits and Wyze Bulbs.

That would be nice. Seems it is up to Wyze though. Amazon does sell the v2 with the Sense starter kit.

Or Wyze could allow for premium shipping. Didn’t see the option when I bought from them.