Shipping Outdoor Camera for Early Access


Received notice 3 days ago that Outdoor Cam was shipped. Gave it a day to get processed but still showing that FedEx has not received the item.

Is there a delay, can you give a status update?


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@MrCat2112, chances are just the shipping label was created and that act auto-generated the “shipping” email. They sold over 80k units, so the fulfillment centers are probably staging the labels to be placed on the boxes. Their last update email stated all the EA orders should be delivered by August 21st. So, just give it a little time. I’m still waiting for my own “shipping” email, BTW.

As a side note: these forums are not actively monitored by Wyze employees. If you need a direct answer to your question from Wyze, it is best to contact Customer Service first.


They’re shipping Fedex SmartPost, which is about the dumbest and slowest way to ship anything, barring maybe UPS Mail Innovations (“innovating ways to reduce service and slow delivery!”.

Even once you get a ship notice, don’t expect it for at least another 7-10 days.

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Concerning FedEx Smartpost and UPS Mail Innovations, you’ll get no argument from me. I was just to offer a “glass half-full” glimmer of hope.

Yeah, supposedly FedEx picked mine up, a couple days after it was marked ‘shipped’ so if OP doesn’t see tracking soon, they should probably check with Wyze.

I had the same thing happen, it still shows estimated delivery today on Wyze shipping but Fedex tracking shows only the info being transmitted to FedEx. No idea when I’ll get it.

The above delivery estimate of 10 days from email notification must be about right. Received email notification July 29, then FedEx showed it in Indiana on August 2, and today August 6th it’s sitting in Chicago with no firm delivery date set. And my online USPS account doesn’t show any packages in the pipeline. I guess I’d hate to be the worker in Chicago staring at 90,000 packages that need to be sorted out. For what it’s worth, USPS Informed Delivery Service attempts to provide daily email notification of all letters and packages.

It took 10 days for delivery on mine just got it today.

Wyze told me mine shipped 11 days ago, but I still haven’t received it and FedEx tracking shows that it still hasn’t been picked up yet. I’ve contacted Wyze numerous times about this and have not gotten a reply back.

I’m in your same situation. I’m here in Texas and ordered them the first day it was available for early access, however my sister (who resides in Maryland) ordered hers two days after me and just received it today. Hoping it comes soon

Got my email saying my outdoor cam was shipped 8/2 and just got it yesterday

Great products… HORRENDOUS shipping partner! FedEx pkg went from CA to NM then farther away to TX then to PHX-AZ, sat for three days, and now supposedly will be delivered to Tucson AZ by tomorrow night.

I finally received my Outdoor Camera Starter Bundle, apparently Wyze had to send me another one due to their shipping issues. Didn’t get the free gift with this reorder. Thanks Wyze…Grrrrrr!