Sharing event video mms error


I see the share icon and click it then I hit messages app and it shows up but when I hit send it says “message not sent: couldn’t resize video”. The file size is 1.5mb so not very large. ! Anyone else with this issue? Screenshot_20181226-150753|311x500


Is this on iOS? Your screenshot does not appear to have loaded.

This is more an iOS problem than a Wyze problem. But a couple things you could try:

  1. Instead of trying to send from the Wyze app, go over to your Photos, find the video in the Wyze folder and try to send from there.

  2. If that doesn’t work, use the Share icon to duplicate the video and try to send again.


That sounds like an issue with the messaging app itself. Do you have any other messaging apps you can try it with?


Not sure if this one worked. I have a Pixel 2 using stock messages. I do not have another app to try and only the videos from wyze do not send.


I justed sent a test video to a family member using Textra, and didn’t have an issue. The stock Samsung messaging app wouldn’t even open to send the video.


I am using the official Android app on the official Android phone (pixel 2) on Google’s cell service (Google fi). So I would think it should work. I swear it used to work awhile back. For now I will just sent links to videos stored in my Google photos. This works but is not ideal.