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Ahead of having a friend setup the wyzecam app and look after our porch while we are on vacation, I opened a separate wyze account on another device with a different email and shared my cams with the other account. BUT, there is no sign on the other account that I have shared anything even though this was 30 minutes ago. Does it take hours or something to share cameras? What is the hold up. I’ve killed the app several times to see if it would refresh, but nothing.



I have not shared a camera myself, but you should be looking for something in the Messages section of the Notifications tab in the app.

For more info, click Support at the top of this page, then FAQ and scroll down to the two questions about sharing cameras.



It’s not in the notifications tab, and the support|faq doesn’t have any helpful info except to confirm I did it all right and this can is unshareable.



I’ve been very disappointed with these cams and have decided that they are basically toys. As toys they are a good deal. But as a security camera, they are wholly unreliable. My initial enthusiasm for this camera which had me recommending them to all who would listen has been replaced with deflation and silence. These cameras are NOT reliable for anything other than treating them like toys.

When you want to connect to them, they are unavailable, so you have to delete them from the app and reconnect. When you want it to record motion it either records too much - leaves swaying 40 yards away, ot it will flat out not record when people walk by. I turned off the push notifications early on since it was the cam who cried wolf.

Looks like I will be taking this down and reinstalling my old ancient foscam camera that actually works when you need it. Sharing was an absolute requirement, and it fails in yet another arena.




I agree with you, its just a toy and can never connect when you need it to. My bad I just ordered v2 and will see what happens…probably will be
looking for something more reliable… I guess everybody is curious about being a cheap camera then they get disappointed!




If your first share doesn’t go through I would sign out of the app and sign back in.

I just tried it from my account and it is going through, if you’re still having issues after signing out of the app and back in please reach out to support and let me know your support ticket number. Thanks!



I have the same problem, tried logging out like the representative said and still nothing. Pretty frustrating since it’s a basic feature of any camera that more than one person can use it.



Can’t get sharing based on the Wyze FAQ to work for me either.



@Aaronspace and @FromtheRight, sorry to hear this an issue for you both.

This forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, I suggest you contact Wyze Support for more help. You might want to go ahead and submit your ticket now as there is somewhat of a backlog. If you end up getting the issue resolved before support contacts you, then you can always let them know that it’s already resolved.

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Can you be more specific about where the process of sharing fails for you?

Also, BTW, you can have more than one phone logged into the same master account. So if you don’t mind someone (your spouse/partner for example) having full access, you can use that method.



The trick in sharing is to find the little share icon immediately to the right of the email adddress.