Shared user playback option

Why can’t shared users access playback? I’m only a shared user because the person who installed it used their account to set the camera up. I’m the primary user. Can I switch it to make myself primary?

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If the installer set it up via their account, and shared it with you, they would have full control of the camera’s and can live stream whenever they wanted to as well. Since you are the primary, it would be best to have them set it up using your account as primary.

In most cases, they would need to delete the Camera’s from their Device first and then you can pair them with your setup. This would include needing to press the setup button on the camera to do the pairing. So depending on where they are, you may have to climb a ladder (be careful).

But if you are the primary, you really need to have it on your phone and then you share with whomever you want.

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Is there not any way to share a camera so the person it is shared to can view playback?

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When you share the Camera with someone, they can view the Live Stream and the recorded Events. They will be able to create Rules in their device for the camera, but not share it with others or Chnage some the Camera Settings.

I have the V3 cam, and when I share with another account, they get no option to view playback or see events. Is there something else that needs to be enabled? They don’t see the timeline for playback or the list of events recorded.