Share to WhatsApp



Hi all.

Wyze user in the UK here.

Itried sharing a clip captured by the motion sensor directly from the app using the share button straight to WhatsApp, however whilst I can select WhatsApp and then a recipient it only loads 50% of the video and then gives an error message saying that it cannot share the video.

I don’t know if it’s the file type or the app, but if I edit the clip using my S8 and save it as whatever file type the S8 uses as standard I can share that video file.

I tried sharing the original clip outside of the app, so straight from my phones memory however that didn’t work either so I’m guessing it’s the file type that Wyze uses that isn’t compatible with WhatsApp rather than something else.

Has anyone else had this problem, is this a know problem?




Does anybody have any suggestions to this please?