Seven cameras almost constantly disconnecting!

For the last few weeks, all seven of my Wyze cameras(1 Wyze Cam Pan, 5 Wyze Cam v2 and 1 Wyze Cam v3) will connect for 30-90 seconds and then the feeds will stop and they all go to Connection Failed(various error codes). I have to manually refresh each one over and over. This happens whether I’m on wifi or viewing remotely over the internet. I’ve rebooted the cameras, my wifi and the iPhone/iPad apps. I’ve reset the cameras and the firmware is up to date on all of them. It’s not a bandwidth issue, as I’ve had this same setup for the past two years! Help, before I have to start searching for alternatives

I had a similar issue with sporadic disconnects or the live stream going to 0 Kbps. turns out it was my router / network causing the issue. Would it be easy to take one camera, move it closer to your router and see if it connects?

I ended up switching / upgrading my Mesh Network and my issues have went away.

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Thanks. I just have the standard ATT cable modem router. I reset it today and it made no difference. I have one v2 cam about 5 feet away from it. I reset it and added it again in the Wyze app and no difference. I have v2 and v3 cameras about 10 and 15 feet away and they’re doing the same thing.
I’ve always watched streaming apps and used watched my Wyze app on my iPad at the same time with no problem. It used to happen a few times a day. But now it’s constantly disconnecting!

It might likely be your modem/router. Especially if you use the one ATT gives you. In my experience the company issued modem/routers start having issues after just a couple of years. I was using suddenlink’s modem and had some issues with devices running slow. I bought my own modem and WIFI and my issues dissappeared.