Setup, 'Connection timed out'

I was on a chat trying to get this Wyze cam v2 setup, and then it dropped. Seems like they’re not there now. I finally got through getting an acct etc and now the cam is blinking yellow blue. The first time, I heard “QR Code scanned…”. When tried to connect, “Connection timed out”. I did this five times with the same result. So I started over. I’m wondering why we have to put our wifi password in every time; I did it once years ago - and it always connects now. Paying meticulous attention to every step, after hearing “QR Code scanned” - five seconds later Ms Cam said “Connection timed out”. So I did it ALL again. “Connection timed out” on my phone again. What can I do now?

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Until you get it setup you’ll need to put in the password.
What is your WiFi strength? If it is marginal that may be a problem. If you have an SD card in, pull it until after setup.

Tried it enough times and “Setup complete”! :wink:

Put in the sd card and then remembered the guy said to unug it first. Hope that didn’t screw it up.