Setting WCv3 with socket to turn off after X minutes

I have a WCv3 with a WC Light Socket attached.
I have a rule to turn on the socket when the v3 detects a person or a vehicle.
The rule runs fine, the light in the socket turns on.
But it never turns off.
I do not see any way to turn the light off after say, 10 minutes. I read that the rule should revert to off after the motion detection goes off, but that does not happen.

What am I missing?

There is an ability to turn off the Socket light after x minutes in the accessory settings, but that is for simple motion only.

Unfortunately, the ability to ‘turn off after x minutes’ from a Rule still eludes V3 light accessories. However, there is a workaround if you have an unused Plug lying around.

You basically use the Plug as a memory device:

  • Make a Rule that says if the V3 sees a person, turn on the Socket light AND turn on the Plug.
  • Make a second Rule that says if the Plug has been on for 10 minutes, turn off the Plug AND turn off the Socket light.

Only glitch with this ATM is 2021 CFH Plugs (Bluetooth setup) currently have a glitch where they won’t stay on line reliably. This will hopefully be fixed soon. The workaround for that appears to be to touch the power switch twice? Or maybe you have an older Plug available?

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Okay, so I just created a regular motion trigger and will use that until and if a fix comes out.

Thank you!

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