Set the cameras timezone and end time update prompts

Just stop the message. Ill sync time when i want to. Thats all i ask.

Another option is to take the time from whatever router it connects to. Those all have somewhat robust sync time/dst handling built in

Bear in mind there are several timezones in the US.

That msg prompt is a huge pain because it comes up for every camera i access,

It’s worse than that.
It asks you on every device you access them with for every camera, regardless of whether you already told it not to ask.

Surprised how few people have voted for this to be fixed. I guess most users aren’t bothered about accurate time stamps.

So Wyze Cam isn’t suitable for people who travel.

Its not even just about traveling, which is limited duration at least. I have cameras in CA and HI (both locations in Wyze’s service zone) that I check on every day. And every camera i switch to / back to gets the popup. And the “dont ask me for 7 days” checkbox doesnt help because when you check the box and click cancel it doesnt remember the selection…it only remembers it if you select ‘sync time’ which exactly what i dont want to do.

Just disable the message in the next patch. It’s a reminder that serves little to no purpose to everyone and is a pita to those who dont want it

Then Wyze can decide at their leisure the best way to handle it in the longer term which may involve adding some smart functionality.

But for now, just disable/suppress it, which should be a trivial thing to do.

I agree, disabling the message would be a big step forward.

They could just change the option to don’t ask again rather than 7 days.

Not sure anyone from Wyze is even looking at this anymore.

It’d be great if all the cameras synced up automatically. Right now you have to do it one by one and they are never actually synced up, there’s always between 2-10sec difference between each camera.

Wyze cam V1, V2, and Pan.

There’s no way they’re going to make them sync properly. If you want accurate time stamps avoid wyze cams.

I came specifically looking for this feature since having an accurate timestamp is very important. Currently my camera is wrong by half an hour all the time, even if I sync it from my phone. My timezone is UTC + 9:30 (CAST).