Set device time zones, update from time server

I am in Yangon, Myanmar visiting. I live in Kentucky. Looking at my cameras back at home the date and time is listed according to where I am and not based on the time of where the cameras are located. It gets confusing. I would like the camera feeds to be the time at my home location. What is the solution?

When I’m in a different time zone from my devices the app uses the phone’s time zone. Please make it an option to set the app’s time zone independent of the phone’s time zone to reduce my confusion.

Curious as I can’t test this now, when you see the wrong time, are you looking at the live feed, or the event clip on the server? Or the playback from the SD storage?

Edit - I’m actually interested to know if either the the event clip on the server or the playback from SD storage is showing the wrong time.

When I look at an event clip or View Playback, the timestamp in the video is the timezone where the camera is located, not the timezone I happen to be in. For View Playback, the times in the scroll bar are the timezone of the phone. I live in mountain timezone. I was recently in eastern timezone, 2 hours different. Let’s say I had an event clip that happened at 10am at home. The video timestamp will be 10:00. If I want to view the playback around that time while I’m in the eastern timezone, I’ll need to move the scroll bar to 12:00. If while I am home I set a rule schedule for my plug to go on at 5 and off at 7, when I am in the eastern time zone the rule will be on at 7 and off at 9. So if I want to change the schedule when I’m in the eastern timezone, I have to remember to set the times 2 hours different than the times I want at home. I just noticed that when I open the Edit Rules screen, the schedule times are what I set at home. If I then touch a schedule, the times change to the timezone the phone is set for.

I just discovered that I can go into my phone settings and set my phone to whatever timezone I want. That would be a pain to do but it might be a way to avoid the confusion working with my Wyze devices from a different timezone than home.

Do you happen to know if the schedule and clock for the on/off are stored in the plug itself, or the camera that has its interface, or out on the internet somewhere?

Thanks for your interest.

Sorry, I have no idea where the camera time is saved. It probably is in the name of the file, along with the MAC address. I read somewhere that the saved files are a minute long each.

I also facing the issue of 30 minutes slower time stamps.

I figured it would happen. I’ve 6 cameras physically located in (now) CST, yesterday they were in CDT.
I set them up in Mississippi and wanted them to stay on the time zone they were in.
Early this morning, they were showing CDT. Now they have switched to EST. This is unacceptable.
At least let us choose the time zone we want displayed.
Now all my videos will be an hour off.

Hello. I am often accessing my cams (which are in 2 different time zones) from abroad while traveling. Unfortunately I cannot change their time settings from a distance because it takes the local time from where I access. I would suggest, that when syncing the time it should take the local time of the camera and NOT from the app. OR I can enter a time offset from UTC in my camera settings and it updates with reference to UTC.

This is something that people are constantly requesting but wyze are not interested in adding this much needed functionality.
If you’ve already bought the cameras and need to set the time remotely maybe you could set your phone to the local time for the camera and then sync the time. I know it’s a ridiculous workaround but I doubt wyze will ever fix this.
I always advise friends not to buy these wyze cameras as there not fit for the purpose of security.


In my case, I have a Wyze Cam in a different time zone / country, so I always say no. It would be great to set a time zone for a camera in the settings and have it auto-update based on that or just not try to sync with the phone’s local time.

We love Wyze cam but, Wyze team can you do something about issues with the timezones? Your products should sync to the router its connected not with the device accessing it… pretty simple. Thanks

no, they should be able to be set to any time the owner wants.

Crazy that they don’t sync to the local timezone.
Would like to know how wyze choose which features to add. Mods tell us to vote but wyze are currently researching a feature with only 29 votes to lock the camera to your account in case it’s stolen.
Nice but not critical or as useful as setting the time zone which has 88 votes.

I don’t know everything that goes into choosing which features to add, but I do know it is more than just votes. They also account for how easy it is to add and how feasible it is. As for the feature with only 29 votes being researched I think that popped into researching because they were looking at what to do in the event of stolen cameras, so it got moved to researching as a byproduct of that being looked at.

Thanks Jason, can see how it may be a byproduct but I would have thought setting the time zone or setting time from the router or even simply removing the prompt every 7 days to sync time with my phone would be very easy to do. Much easier and more useful than locking a camera to a specific account and

The customer service who replied to us told us“deal with this issue” and nothings going to change as of this point. They should have offered to brought the issue up to the programmers or at least try. the camera’s timezone is the time where the important event will happen not the timezone im at which is maybe 16 hrs advance.

If it’s too much trouble for them, they could at least stop the app asking every 7 days to sync with my phone.
You can tell it not to ask again regarding updates to the camera it would be easy to do the same for the time sync.
Just shows the people at wyze don’t care and are incapable of making the right decisions when adding new features.
The time they’ve spent researching the pointless locking cameras to one account feature, they could have sorted this.
I now advise anyone to avoid wyze when they can’t get fundamental things right.

That is a pain with cameras in different time zones. Or at least give the option to set them all to UTC and not be asked again.

Please consider allowing clock settings with time zones!

This shouldn’t be something we have to vote for, it’s a bug/design flaw. That Wyze won’t even acknowledge the problem speaks volumes about their commitment to quality.