Set device time zones, update from time server

I’ve mine set to the time zone the cameras are in and the video watermarks follow the time zone they are in.
The time reported in the “title” differs but the watermark is correct.

It seems to me that most here are in agreement.

The issue is that you can’t tell it not to ask again about syncing the camera time with your phone.

Having to tap “cancel” then “ask again in 7 days” for every camera you have on every device you use to view them is a complete pain.

It’s far too easy to click sync by mistake and then your timestamps will be wrong.

Seems like there are several issues going on.
As I wrote:

is bothering, but I would not call it a MAJOR ISSUE,
To me a major issue is the requirement to be on the internet for the camera to connect to Wyze.

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We agree that the issue is the app continually asking to set the time but disagree about how critical it is.

Is it a major issue or just a bother.

Having the timeline show me the incorrect time when I’m viewing videos in the app is a bother since it’s not critical.

Having accurate timestamps is critical so an issue that affects their accuracy is serious not just a bother.

But one only gets wrong time stamps if one sets it wrong.

We don’t “set” it wrong. The time is set by the viewing device and allowing “sync”. It is major issue because it does not set time zone in the water mark of video. In the event of a legal dispute this fact would be a critical to evidence. So it is both major and an annoyance. Also I have two viewers of videos in different time zones and it is a holy mess. WYZE please fix this issue!

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Your being unfair blaming users. The design of the app makes it way too easy to accidentally sync your local time to the camera.

What are you talking about? I am not blaming users. I am blaming Wyze for bad programming. You can call it what you want, nuisance or critical, but the app should use local time of the camera. It is common sense for people with cameras in multiple zones and critical for legal reasons. But whatever you are making into a molehill about I don’t care. Ciao.

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I would suppose that the reason the time does not stay local To the camera is because the app gets its time stamp from the device on which the camera is monitored. So, if your camera is in New York and you monitor it in California blah blah blah. I would suppose that the only way to keep the time local is to have the Wyze App store the camera’s location supplied by the user. Then half a subroutine that somehow accessed the monitoring device’s location and correct for local time. Sounds complicated for a $25 dollar device.

Sorry about the messed up wording. I think spellcheck messed was messing with me. Sorrey! :wink:

I searched for this and couldn’t find mention in the wish list.

I live in a timezone with a 30 minute offset (GMT-3.5 / -2.5 DST). The time that is displayed on my camera feed is 30 minutes ahead of the time on my mobile phone. I’ve tried to sync it, but it doesn’t fix it, it just stays perfectly 30 minutes ahead. I contacted support and was told:

(01:46:03 PM) Jennifer S.: To explain, the Sync time will not function properly in time zones that use uneven UTC offsets that differ by 30 to 45 minutes from the usual one-hour time zone interval. This is why even if you already had the timezone set to automatic or manual, you are still getting the same 30-minute time difference.
(01:46:56 PM) Jennifer S.: Thanks for reporting this to us, by the way. I’ll let the product team know of this. At the same time, we have a Wishlist section of our forums where you can submit feature requests like this directly to our product team.

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What do you think about a new feature request to be able to say “No” to the sync time with phone feature.

This would avoid inadvertently tapping sync by mistake when you’re in a different time zone to the camera.

I’m thinking it would be better under its own heading rather than lumped into this one which is about setting time zones and internet time. Which is completely different from what I’m asking.

But there’s no point me doing it if it’s going to get lumped into this one.

Can we set up a separate feature request for this. It must be quick and easy to change ask in 7 days to “No”
That’s all that it needs since the camera keeps perfect time when it’s left to do so and there’s a manual option to sync time In the settings if it’s ever needed after you click No.

I wasn’t replying to you I was replying to Gemniii who said it only gets wrong time if we set it wrong.
You can check the avatar If your unsure who the reply is for. See photo below.

Also Im not sure what you mean when you say “whatever you are making into a molehill about I don’t care. Ciao.”

Here you go:

I borrowed some of your post above to create the new #wishlist topic.

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My original wish was to keep the camera on local time (where the camera is placed) all the time. If I’m in another time zone I do not want the time changed to my location.

If one has multiple sites in different timezones you NEED to be able to apply a timezone offset to schedules so the lights in one don’t turn off at 3 am vs midnight if in a timezone 3 hours different…

I’ve got several Wyze bulbs and smart plugs in my house, which is on the west coast time (PDT). I spend much of my time in France, and use timers to automate the lights while I’m away. I also sometimes turn the bulbs on from the app, e.g. when I’m viewing one of the Wyzecams and want light. When in France my phone’s on French time (CET), so when I perform any bulb function the bulb’s time gets reset to French time, which throws the automation off by 9 hours! So I have to recalculate the times and enter new times in all the automation. Then when I go back to Seattle the bulbs all get reset to PDT and I have to reprogram them again. I don’t have this problem with my Wyzecams, since they are synced manually with a ‘Sync time’ function.

Instead of automatically syncing the bulb time please add a 'Sync time" function to the bulbs and timers! Please also add a way to view the time setting for all your devices - cameras, bullbs, etc.



I sent help/support an email to inform and ask about this issue with time zone. They replied and said I should vote on this topic. This is a little ridiculous to have to vote on this when it seems to be an obvious issue and I would imagine not hard to address.

I have several cameras in another state, in a different timezone. When the time syncs in the IOS app it sets the camera time to my local timezone. I would like the ability to specify an offset so the time reads correctly for the timezone the camera is located in.