Service Issue on 11/24 - Can not view live stream outside of local network


I’m continuing to have this problem. I cannot connect to Live View from any network other than the one the camera is attached to. I’ve sent lots of info to tech support, but still no fix. I randomly checked with a friend with several of these V2 cameras as well, and we checked his - he has the exact same problem! Seem like either a big coincidence or a common problem. I’m on Android; he’s on IOS. We’ve tried the original firmware, the and levels and all fail to allow remote network connection.
I bought the camera (and planned to buy more) for use when I am travelling abroad - not much good if they won’t transmit Live View over a network. When I try to connect, I slowly get steps 1, 2, 3, then it connects for a few seconds and drops to 0 kb/s and then just hangs.
Note: It will connect remotely through a cell data connection, though. But this is pretty useless when out of the country.
Anyone else have this problem and/or a solution?


Do you mind sending us the app log? I understand if you don’t have time to do it but it’s important for us to look into your log. No one in the office uses Verizon so I have to ask you. If you could, that’d be great. :slight_smile: @skillet