Service Issue on 11/24 - Can not view live stream outside of local network



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update at 9:00 AM PST, We are still working on the issue.


Cant even view ON the local network. And no…not a router issue. 2 of 4 of my cameras work fine. Most of the time…


Update at 11:55AM PST. We’re still working on the issue.


Update: 1:32PM PST - Temporary Solution.

We are still working on the root issue. Before we are able to get to the bottom of it, we are offering a temporary solution.

You can use this weblink to upgrade your camera firmware. (after log-in, click on user information -> upgrade devices).

Please note that this is a temporary solution. We are committed to find the root cause and implement a long-term solution. So, if you are not willing to use this temporary solution, we appreciate your patience while we working to fully resolve the issue.

For details about this temporary solution, please see below.

Our P2P (peer-to-peer) service provider uses global load balancing to optimize live stream connection reliability and speed.

After we launched Wyze Cam, we heard concerns from our community about traffic going outside of the United States due to the global load balancing. We then implemented “Server Restriction” to limit traffic to only US-based servers. Although we don’t think the server restriction is the root cause, it is related to this issue.
By removing the server restriction, a user should be able to view the live stream outside of their local network.

What does this mean?

  1. For the Live Stream, the P2P servers are still North America Only. So the live streaming video still stays inside North America.

The change is that in order to make device registration successful, a global list of servers (not only US-based) will be pinged, and the fastest server will respond for device registration. Before making this change, it would only use US servers.

  1. For Alert Videos there is NO CHANGE. Your alert video will still go to US-based AWS servers (Owned by Wyze) with the same encryption and security level.

Global load balancing - what was wrong with this?

Why am I asked if I want to leave Facebook when I press the link for the temporary upgrade?!


… Because I copied the link from the Facebook post. :sweat_smile:


Okay, I edited that part. Can you check to see if the Facebook thing is gone now? :slight_smile:


Yes. Facebook is gone now.
When I log in and select my device to upgrade nothing happens. Says camera is offline? Am I not able to upgrade remotely?


Thanks for the report!

Are you near your Wyze Cam or close enough you could check the status light (I know you said remote)? It may be offline due to something else and that would prevent this.


Unfortunately I’m 2400 miles away.


Well, crud. Um… Try again later, I guess? Sorry I don’t have a better solution for you. You SHOULD be able to do it remotely. :frowning:


We’re so sorry about the inconvenience! If you don’t have access to you camera when it’s offline, unfortunately you have to wait for the solution. But we’re doing everything we can do fix the issue. We’ll keep you updated!


I have 2 locations (Home and Lake House) that are experiencing this issue. Notifications were still pushing to the app, but could not view live. I was able to remotely update each camera and all are back online now.


1 of my cameras did not come back online at all and has a solid yellow light. Tried power cycling and then the 10 second reset. It does not reset and the yellow light stays solid? Did these issues damage the camera?


We’re sorry about that. Would you like the instructions for flashing firmware to see if you can bring it back? It’s completely optional but often works. As long as you’re in the US (due to our shipping limitations), we’d be happy to replace it for you if you can’t get it working again. We sometimes see solid, yellow lights after firmware upgrades so while the general server issue probably wouldn’t cause this (to my knowledge), it still may have happened due to this situation. We apologize.


Yes, how do I flash the firmware?


And on other 3 cameras cannot live view outside wifi. I tried the firmware link in your previous post. However it does not recognize my log in credentials. Just nothing working!


I’m not sure which cameras you have so I’ll give you all three links. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that the login isn’t working! I… Don’t know how to troubleshoot that yet. I’m sorry. My best advice is to try a different device/browser but I don’t know if that would fix it.