Service Advisory: AWS issues impacting integrations, notifications, and arming/disarming - 8/31/21

I thought the same thing but when I logged into the Wyze Service CamPlus page it had the CamPlus at 50% off. Which was one of the deals during the anniversary sale.

Wyze app notifications are being delayed anywhere from 5-30 minutes

I suspect this is probably unrelated, but today I am received all kind of alerts in the app that my sensor batteries are running low. I just launched my service on June 1st, so if that is true I am very unhappy (3 months to the day!). I have 17 entry sensors in my system and most of those are windows that I actually never open, so its not like they are opening and closing often, if at all. It is showing “battery icons” on 5 of my 17 sensors.
Has anyone else noticed this? I thought the batteries were touted as lasting about a year.

It was related. Lots of people got those battery alerts. Should be fixed now.


Other people had the same thing it was just a glitch in relation to these issues


well it’s not “a couple more days” yet but the promo is no longer available. Actually it was not available anymore on Sept 1 for me already even though the server downtime prevented many from purchasing.

Also for like 3 hours early morning I literally had no notifications for my cam, though it seems to be back to normal now.

I’m sorry to hear that, @notbad! I’d recommend contacting support about the promo. I’m glad that your notifications came back and please let support know if they stop again.