Service Advisory: AWS issues impacting integrations, notifications, and arming/disarming - 8/31/21

Sad. Though honestly, even if it alerted you right when it was happening they would probably still get away…and they can be unpredictable/dangerous when confronted or surprised, so I’m glad you’re safe, and at least you still have a video to give to the police, and can probably still get a replacement. :slight_smile:

All my stuff is now back to normal, including Alexa routines.


8/31/21 3:36 PM PT - AWS has updated to say that they’re seeing signs of recovery on their end. Thanks again for your patience!


Time is of the essence. Had i been notified the ups guy was there dropping off i would have had the neighbor get my package. Had i been notified sooner the thief was there i could have notified law enforcement and my neighbor sooner. Whole point of the cameras with motion sensing is to prevent this type of situation.

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Everything appears to be back to normal over here. :+1:


Same here. Seems ot be alerting as expected

Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn for keeping us informed as well as the continual feedback from the community as a whole.


Just wanted to update with the following information. Notifications seems to be back on track. However, I am still getting the following with events uploaded from the VDB. I just did a reboot of the doorbell, but believe this is still related to AWS issues tonight as it has been rock solid until then.


Edit 2

After the reboot of the VDB, the events seem to be working again. May have been needed to re-establish communication with the servers.


Yeah, it’s a fair point that had Amazon not been experiencing their problems it would’ve all been prevented in the first place since it could’ve been taken in before anyone else saw it.

My intent was mostly about being glad you’re safe and hoping a replacement is possible. Maybe the video can also still help law enforcement. Sometimes they’re able to eventually find who it is and recover a large stash of stolen goods. Happened to one of my friends at least.

Definitely terrible Amazon outage timing for this.

Best wishes on that. :crossed_fingers:


I’m trying to take advantage of the Cam Plus 50% off deal as I assume this is under the service of AWS I keep getting a gateway timeout. Any suggestions or am I going to be SOL on the Cam Plus deal as it ends tonight.


I can’t log in to buy CamPlus. Upon clicking Login button the page tries to load then gives 504 Gateway Time-out error. A couple hours ago even the login page gave error 504. It’s 21:56 Eastern Time and the anniversary sale ends tonight, guess I’ll miss it. :’(


I’m trying to go to the Camplus page to subscribe/pay and it’s still showing 504 Gateway Time-out error. It’s been like this for past 2 hours now.


7:32AM EST time - still cannot login to online account. Ontario, Canada.

Trying to login to services to setup wyze home monitoring and getting a “bad gateway” timeout error page.

I am getting the same error message on the page (504 Gateway Time-out) and also cannot redeem my code on the redeem page (the submit button doesn’t do anything). This has been happening since yesterday afternoon. I contacted Wyze support yesterday about the issue and was told that it was cause by the AWS outage. However, Amazon says all of their services are up and running now, so this is definitely a Wyze issue.

Please address the problem as I cannot use my home alarm system because your website is down (which gives me very little faith in using this system as my home alarm).

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Also experienced the 504 Gateway Error trying to purchase CamPlus and when trying to log in from a new browser. I’ve been trying every 1-2 hours since yesterday early afternoon. I emailed customer support about the issue yesterday and was told this morning that they will not be extending the sale or honoring it for people who have been trying to complete their purchase on time but were unable to because of their outage. What kind of customer service is that? Please do better.

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Is this why I haven’t been able to login to since yesterday?


It seems to be back up (at least for now) FYI

It seems to be back up and for now the sale is still working FYI (Wyze Cam Plus | Upgrade Wyze Cams & Activate Wyze Subscriber Discount Code)

It seems to be back up and for now the sale is still working FYI (Wyze Cam Plus | Upgrade Wyze Cams & Activate Wyze Subscriber Discount Code)

Sorry about the issue! We have fixed it and appreciate folks keeping us in the loop about the issues. The deal is still going for a couple more days so you should be good to go. :slight_smile:


You sure the promo deal still going? I no longer see the anniversary promo deal anymore when I go here: Wyze Cam Plus | Upgrade Wyze Cams & Activate Wyze Subscriber Discount Code

It looks like your team took down the promo page.

I hope I can still get the deal as technical issue prevented me to pay for it. Really disappointed with this technical issue.

Try one of these links:

I just tested on my Wife’s account and it is working for her account right now.

EDIT: Oh sorry, you were looking for the anniversary deal. You’re right, it didn’t work for me either.