Service Advisory 11/16/20: Delayed Rules, Wyze Sense events, and push notifications + duplicate notifications

That’s strange @Hemi is having an issue, that link takes me directly to Service Status & Known Issues

iOS v2.15.22
If I click Begin Troubleshooting instead of Help Center it takes me here. Clicking Service Status & Known Issues does nothing. Not a show stopper, I was just trying to avoid having to visit the forum to check Service Status.

I don’t even have time to deal with this. Once again I have lights turning on and off randomly from delayed notifications, plugs and bulbs going offline that refuse to rejoin my wifi, plugs and lights sowing ON in the app when they are off, or OFF in the app when they are on.

I am EXHAUSTED by these repeated outages. If I had time I’d open tickets and return every damn Wyze device I own. I have no confidence in Wyze to ever get their infrastructure sorted out. They are what they repeatedly do and what they repeatedly do is fail.


Seems like there’s yet another outage. My sense devices are offline AGAIN!!

Definitely would have been nice to know that Wyze knew there was an issue yesterday. Had several sensors stop reporting and did some troubleshooting and re-installed the bridges and sensors. things got weird for an hour. Sensors started working but were reporting 20 minutes behind the real time. Then 15 minutes, then 10 minutes. Just before 10:30PM Arizona time they were reporting an accurate time. The camera alerts never had any issues.
So I totally agree that Wyze needs to have a Health Status Page. It needs to report when they are troubleshooting an issue and when it is resolved. Would have saved me a few hours.

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Currently this is the closest which lists any issues being worked on.

Service Status & Known Issues

thanks for posting this. The Service Status wasn’t of any value six months ago, but this time it actually described the issue that was going on. This shouldn’t be buried on this page, but more prominently displayed on the site for users. Especially with as many issues as have occurred recently.


The current outage affecting my ability to control my cams and sensors is not listed yet.

This is a prime example of why a status page that automatically monitors Wyze server status is needed. Hopefully these recent incidents will prompt them to prioritize this. I believe there’s a wishlist topic users can vote on.

I just checked on this and I’m able to get there by clicking on “Service Status and Known Issues” from the support page on Chrome with a Windows 10 desktop. Are you still unable to access that area directly?

Searching on the support site for, “Service Status Known Issues” should pull it up in a pinch. Mind giving that a try and letting me know how it goes?

@WyzeGwendolyn , I can access that page from any browser on any device or laptop. I just can not access it directly from the app which I thought was unusual. If everyone else can access it then maybe it’s my iOS devices blocking access directly from the app. I’ll research it when I get a chance. Not a show stopper, just thought it was worth mentioning.
Thank you for following up :slightly_smiling_face:.