Service Advisory 11/14/20: Difficulty logging into the Wyze app and integrations not working

If the staff actually read the comments maybe they’d stop releasing a new product every three weeks & make sure that the ones they sell actually WORK CORRECTLY.
Too much to ask for, I know, but this has been going on for a LONG time.

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You know what, that response HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. Notice, my response was directed at SOMEONE ELSE. Someone who was complaining about the 5 minute timeout. Get over yourself.


I find that I can turn the bulbs off via Google assistant. But ofc all my security cams are down.


Let’s be clear, Wyze isn’t “rebranding”. They aren’t buying Xiaomi devices and slapping on Wyze labels. You need to understand how Chinese manufacturing works. They make devices on contract. They retain the rights to make those devices for any manufacturer. Wyze purchases the same devices as other manufacturers, puts their software and firmware on those devices and then brands them as Wyze. THOUSANDS of comapnies do this. I mean it, thousands of companies. So please, stop talking about things you don’t understand.


I was interested in buying a Wyze door lock at one point, but now, I am not so sure. When the back-end servers go awry like this, can you check a lock to make sure it is engaged? Hopefully they do not automatically unlock when they cannot connect back to the server? Just curious.

11/14/20 5:25 PM PT - We are working on a temporary fix for this issue while continuing to explore options for longer-term solutions. We do not have further updates at this time. We apologize for the delay.


I have the lock, and wilel I cannot login to check status, it is working as it should

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Just want to make sure that these issues are also considered under this current problem.

Event viewing just bounces in the beginning of the play back.

All my contact sensors are not reporting motion, or open and closes.

And of course nothing be translated to Alexa.


I understand the process quite well, [Mod Edit]
And their garbage firmware is legendary, as is their seeming inability to get [Mod Edit] stable in their app.
Am I p*ssed? Absolutely. I have better things to do than worry about garbage backend support on security cameras & re-re-reinstalling “smart” home hardware that doesn’t work right.

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My iphone doesn’t work, my old android phone doesn’t work BUT my Samsung android tablet DOES work

I am locked out of my house with no keys I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and my keypad is inside the house because battery died and was replacing. Alexa won’t work either. I am so screwed it so cold outside. I don’t know what to do. This is awful.

My apologies, didn’t realize you were so off topic it had nothing to do with this thread. Has nothing to do with myself, only the topic at hand that is the current problem.

You don’t know me, but I know your type. I used to be you. Then I grew up. You would rather complain that your inexpensive item isn’t perfect and blame every problem you might have on the manufacturer. I suggest, that if you don’t like Wyze, you buy a different product.


Apologies. I just get sick and tired of people bashing Wyze rather than just buying something else.


this exact scenario scares me. I don’t live in a place where an outdoor spare makes sense, but maybe that is what “we” have to resort to. You form patterns when you have a smart lock and those patterns come with risk that a lock & key don’t. I hope you get inside soon.

@WyzeGwendolyn I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the error message ’ Failed to update Shortcut list’ launching app which is followed by login screen loop.

There might be a secondary error message but it’s tiny text and goes by quickly. Probably why nobody has mentioned it. … might be useful for the web/dev gurus

And yeah I’m disco too … local device access would be super sweet right about now


Looks like it is being reported by LOTS of folks!

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I just got back in. I’m running IOS beta


No, I expect things I buy to work as advertised.
I have about twenty VeSync Smart Plug by Etekcity plugs that have been running for 18 months, flawlessly, among their other products. Never a single outage or broken app. Because that company doesn’t sell beta-test grade electronic gadgets to people as “finished” the way Wyze does. Wyze seems to expect people to pay to beta test their sort-of-almost-not quite ready for prime time cut rate Chinese tech toys, while advertising them as finished, solid products. If sh*t doesn’t work, don’t sell it. Idk if you’ve been to Asia & seen the supply side, but I have. And believe it or not, it’s actually possible to release products that don’t work like the ones that kids purchase on Alibaba at 2am after drinking ten gallons of alcoholic seltzer do.

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Appears it’s back up and running…

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