Series of questions before making a purchase


Where are Wyze cams manufactured (affects import duty to Canada)
With an SD card in the camera are videos stored on both SD card and in the Cloud?
Can SD card videos be viewed remotely or does SD card have to be moved to computer?
Would there be any issues if ventilation openings were sealed for outside installation?
Does the app notify a user of activity if the app is closed?
Do the videos highlight “activity” or must a user scroll entire video looking for activity?
Does the motion sensor react only to motion or does it need a combination of heat and motion?


Most Answers to these questions are answered And can be found here

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Canada Customs only charges handling (10.00) and gst/pst. They may also roll it out without charge because the package is so small and their forms are too big for the little envelopes… not kidding, it is too much trouble unless it’s a very large order…

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