Separate compression rates for livestream vs local storage

This is a great idea and it could prove to be more useful than the timelapse feature. The images are often very blurred, especially in low light.

If any of you have done the webcam software mod Wyze released, you can see a big difference in video quality. Hopefully Wyze enables this video quality for the normal firmware because the webcam one doesn’t work with the app

I would love to be able to manually set the bitrate to get higher quality video. Even if it meant I would have to sacrifice uploading event clips to the cloud.

This is in my opinion, the number one feature wyze cameras are missing. I would absolutely love to see this implemented.

I am really disappointed at the compression of my v3 camera. It kind of makes me angry that these are 1080p sensor cameras but then the compression is so high that it looks really bad for any details (faces, etc).
Honestly they could have just used a 720p sensor if they were gonna compress this much.

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I agree and the v2 camera is even worse. Less compression and a higher frame rate at lower resolution might improve the quality greatly.

To put it into perspective, a DVD has a bitrate over 5 Mbps. Wyze compresses to 100 Kbps.

So yeah we’re not even talking 720p, quality wise you’d be better with an uncompressed 480p stream.