Sensors are Garbage

I use the sensors on my front and rear doors and have had no problems yet. P.S., since they first came out…

I also use one on my mailbox door so i know when I receive mail.

I have one on my washer knob so I know when I can move my wash to the dryer… My washer is in my lower level in a small room and usually I don’t hear the washer end it’s cycle. Fixed that problem.

So far I am enjoying them fully…
I will admit the double-sided tape is not the best but a small package of 3M tape cut to fit the switch or magnet works on any that come loose. A small problem easily eliminated…
I am sorry for those with problems but I am happy with all the Wyze products I am using… Cameras, switches, bulbs. I have had no need for the motion detector yet…


one of my sensor fails majority of the time but that one is the farthest from my hub. i kinda gave up playing with it though and moving the hub closer.

as for the motion detector. it triggers for every thing and i think if i remember correctly its either on of off. i don’t think i can set when i want the motion detection to happen (like when i am not at home). i have to manually turn it off when i am at home or else receive alerts all the time. then manually turn it on when i leave. unless there’s an IFTTT geofence trigger now?

My sensor failure rate is very high. I have two starter kits. One contact sensor didn’t work or power up right out of the box even with a tested good battery and Wyze replaced it. Another needed a new battery after less than a week. Beside that, although it has improved a good bit after the last firmware update, I get disconnects of the bridge from the camera. Rebooting through the app doesn’t always get the bridge to reconnect, but physically unplugging/replugging the power to reboot does reconnect the bridge.

I had trouble earlier making the contact sensor work on my garage door. I was able to fix this by adding another hub nearby and attaching the sensor piece (not the magnet) away from metal. Before when I had the sensor piece attached to the metal garage door, it will not work at all. It seems that it cannot transmit at all when attached to metal. After I mounted it away it started working.

My impression about these sensor devices are that they have limited range but still workable if you take time to tune it. Still worth it to me since they are low cost. If you have no patience to troubleshoot then you might just have to switch to more expensive devices. Wyze still has to improve range and reliability of these devices and I’m willing to be patient and work with it.

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I also have problems with contact sensors and the motion sensor being reliable - was away from home recently, for less than a week. All was well for a few days; then, the motion sensor went off-line and would not reset remotely. Them each door contact sensor (2 - part of a Wyze sense package) went off-line, and would not reset. This has occurred before, and opening a door, with an offline sensor, would reactivate the contact sensors, but not this time. The motion sensor would never reset until deleted and re-added. I don’t feel that the system will be effective for security when I go away for 2 weeks.

I’ve been using the sensors from the starting kit. One set I put in my mailbox a month ago - so far it has worked pretty well, I get notification that mailbox has been opened / closed and it turns on Wyze bulb in one room. No issues, except when mail person stuffs the box and sometimes the sensor is moved enough that it stays Open. Saves me a trip down to the mailbox when they haven’t come yet or don’t have mail for the day. I just setup on my front door this week and it works well also. I just wish that the software would enable time and event programming for the motion detector so I could shut it off in the daytime.

Failure rate, I just came back from Indy after installing 14 sensors… 2 motion and the rest contact. It’s been about 7 days and now that I am remote I am on my third failure. One keeps going offline the other two are closed and Report open even though Sensor Lights flash properly. Similar experience with other people, opening and closing the sensor several times seems to jar it awake to report correct status. Unfortunately the robbery and burglary won’t think to do that. All attempts of removing and re-adding, distance and any other possible variable has been visited in debugging attempts. Do you have any update on this I would love to hear it after reading your report.

Add me the list…

The majority of my sensors have failed… they were working great until about a week to 10 days ago, and since then crap… they either report totally offline or online stuck open …or closed …but don’t fire any notifications or trigger any actions when opened or closed.

very disappointing…

12 of my 13 cameras are still functioning …and three of my four bulbs are functioning… but I don’t hold out a lot of hope that that’s going to last very long…

I suppose if I get a year or two out of these devices I should be happy considering the cost…

But I’m done buying anything new.

Todd that is completely unacceptable and all the cameras you have I thought I was pushing the envelope with eight. So what’s the plan here with that kind of an investment? Are we all really willing to accept that this is just a bad idea and nothing really substantial or reliable or long-term functional will ever come of it? Really? Are we really at that place in our culture and our market place that will accept technology that does cost something but will deliver less than acceptable performance across the board.? We need to start contacting this company and get to the bottom of it this is unacceptable unacceptable! We need phone numbers people who can speak to it who are in authority.

Even my replacement sensor is DOA. Total disappoment.

You must have ticked off the Karma police or something. :grin::grin:

I did have a contact sensor that was flaky. Wyze sent me a replacement which has worked flawlessly. I replaced the battery in the one that had been a problem and noticed the pressure clip that holds the battery in was loose. I bent it a little to make it tighter and now it works reliably as well.

I know people have issues but I wonder how many issues are truly flawed hardware and how many are environmental issues. Hard to tell.

I’m on my second set of sensors and bridge. The 1st set never connected Wyze sent me a replacement. The 2nd set paired fine and sent notifications for all of them for about 15 min. Now none of the sensors, that the app says are connected with good signal, will send notifications no matter the settings in the app or restarts of camera or bridge. I’ve already wasted way too much time and effort. I’m not returning or submitting another ticket. I’m just going to give up and take the loss.

BTW, I have 4 v2 cameras and some bulbs that work great.
The sensors are just not reliable at all.

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I find them to be intermitant. But did notice “Sense Contact v1, Sense Line v2 (New)”! The original sensors are no longer available and no real notice about the V2! So many of these smart home things become worthless. Not sure it is all it is marked as wonderful! Have Fun!

I removed my last Wyze sensor this week. My gut feeling is that the bridge was the weak link in my case. I used it in two different houses and connected through at least three different cameras, so lots of variables have been tested.

In the end, I was not about to buy another kit just to troubleshoot the bridge. Anyone want a pile of probably ok sensors with a probably not-ok bridge?

I have purchased almost two dozen contact and motion sensors in the last 3 months. In my experience they have a 20% failure rate within the first month, if not doa so far. The ones that have made it have been reliable so far.

Agreed on the Sensors. Battery was low on one and now I am trying to add my Contact Sensor back into my system after replacing the battery, It keeps timing out and saying to try again, Anyone know the trick to get it back working or do I though it in the trash? My Motion Sensor seems to be working fine and my other Contact Sensor also is working fine so I know my bridge is ok.

It seems to be a fairly common complaint that once a battery dies, many no longer communicate with the app after replacing the battery, even if they power up and the LED works.

I just had a contact sensor stop working that had been going strong since initial early release. Except for battery changes. Anyway, the battery died, but this time when I replaced the battery, it still showed offline even though the led light was working, so I know it wasn’t dead. Couldn’t delete and add it back either, it would just time out. Finally gave up and replaced it with a new spare I had, but initially had problems with the new one to. It paired fine and showed up in the app, but was showing continuously offline in the app. After the 3rd time deleting and re-adding it, it’s finally working and showing online.

I know the bridge was working because other sensors were giving notifications.

I still have another contact sensor outside on my mailbox that was from original early release and that one is still going strong to. the batteries would sometimes fail if it got below zero degrees in winter, but always came back after a new battery. On that one, I’ve now wired in a two AA battery back instead of the button battery so it should last a ridiculously long time now, including cold weather.

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Well that is not good news. :disappointed: Mine are here at my house in Jardin Colombia where it never gets cold nor hot and is always the perfect temp inside or outside so it has to be a manufacturing flaw. I guess I will have to contact support if this is a know issue. At least I have always had great service from their support team. Here’s hoping they can help me out with this new issue. :crossed_fingers:t3:

I think the best course of action is just to replace the batteries in the contact sensors when you get them with fresh new high quality ones as a prophylactic.

Agree. Still have some DOA, which Wyze will replace. Key is when pairing, how many blinks. 5 is bricked. 3 is good.