Sensor indication

I have a sensor on our garage door. When the door is down (closed), the sensor is open and the app reads, “open.” When the door is open (up), the sensor closes, and the app reads, “closed.” I’d like to be able to tell the app to say “open” when the door is open and “closed” when the door is closed–the opposite of what the sensor says.

Can you change where the sensor is located? So when the door is down/closed the sensor is also closed? And when the door is open, the sensor is open?

Welcome to the Forum Community, @WaltT.
If I understand your post correctly, you have your sensors mounted so that the contacts are separated physically when the door closes and come together when it opens.
Rather than wait on Wyze to program a change an alternative fix would be to reverse the physical mounting of the sensors, so that they separate when the door opens and come together when it closes.