Sensor hub volume has decreased considerably after latest update

As I have previously stated, I have returned the home monitoring system several days ago. It was past it’s 30 days return period but still in its warranty period.

After I officially gave up, My expectation to them was clear and concise, I waited long enough for a fix, months later, STILL NO FIX. my monitoring system is deemed unusable, especially with the white unable to load screen. So I expect a refund.

I’ve also been in touch with the company through social media and they have a record of my story since it first started. The support on their social media direct message account has been good and helpful, they OK’d the return. I’ll keep this page updated if and when I get refunded.

the turn around time to process it all and issue a refund is about 2 weeks from the time I dropped off the kit at the post office.

I also returned a pack leak sensors, since they only work with the stupid hub that Wyze nerfed and kind of destroyed. And I also expect a refund for the home monitoring subscription for the year in advance that I paid, as well as a refund for the subscription since the low volume first started back in September/October.

I am the OP to this thread and unfortunately no one has bitched and complained more than I have about this egregious issue. I’m bewildered that it’s a few days before Christmas and Wyze has still NOT fixed this issue that started late September. Incredible.

Viper I don’t know how you’re still holding patient there bud, especially if you’re having the white screen of death. My system was completely useless at that point. At some point, enough is enough.

I encourage everyone reading this to take action!

Looks like the white screen of death will be fixed which this next app update based on the beta app having it working. I was going to retest the audio levels and take some db readings after the final app is released.

My thought was that medium and high were both medium and something was off in the app code.

I have been pretty chill for the last few months, so hopefully things work out.

I had issues with the 2 doorbell cams and waiting to test out the pro that I ordered.

Overall I would have liked a faster solution but I don’t know how many people it really affected, maybe this was a smaller amount of people or other people just don’t notice it because we just have better hearing?

I will update here after the new app update comes out and I can retest the sound. (Or I might just test the Berra app to get some readings, if I get a chance this week)

UPDATE: 12.21.21
The alarm volume is about 82-85db right next to the divice, but drops to 72-74db about 3ft from the unit.

The volume of the alarm is the same regardless of what low, med, high you select in the app.
• the low med and high are different, for the alerts and countdown tone. And the high countdown matches the db 85db of the alarm volume.

I don’t have any readings from before so I don’t have anything to compare it to.

If Wyze can create add on speakers to be placed in other rooms, that should help solve sleeping through an alarm. Or setting off an alarm by accident and not knowing it.

I have not compared to simply safe but it looks like their alarm is also 95db, not sure how far from the source.


Great tests. I’ve been meaning to do this myself, just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Thanks for sharing what you found with your test.

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I am starting to wonder if the absence of addressing this problem is an indication of Wyze abandoning support of HMS and starting to focus on moving everyone over to to Cam Plus Pro?

Viper: Great data. It would be interesting to see the tech specks on the new unit out of the box. I am sure Wyze would be more than willing to publish this… As for the add on speakers, I have suggested the same in the past. They have the chime for the doorbell, It shouldn’t be that difficult to make one for the alarm. But, why do that when we already have speakers… her name is ALEXA. Unfortunately she doesn’t come with the Wyze logo. I have found that the Wyze skill with Alexa is shockingly underdeveloped and underwhelming. What does need to be developed however is a very loud external siren. But, since Wyze isn’t interested in what existing customers want, only what new customers will buy, we will just keep on waiting and shopping elsewhere.

Viper; that is good to know. Yes I agree, if Wyze could provide one or two remote speakers that would definitely solve the issue. Now we just need them to get off of their behinds and DO IT!

Just updating everyone that I did thankfully receive my full refund for everything i described in the previous post.

I will still be checking for volume updates even though i am no longer a Wyze home monitoring customer. Please keep this place updated with your latest findings!

Happy new year all!

For anyone who has the HMS subscription and wants their voice to be heard related to the HMS (whether with this ongoing issue or any other feedback or suggestions or whatever else related to the HMS), there is a new survey about HMS…Go to the monitoring tab and click on settings then click on the option called “Make Your Voice Heard

That will take you to a screen about updates…at the bottom click on “START SURVEY” to take their 9 minute January survey to give them helpful feedback and to vote on your most preferred future features.

I mentioned this volume issue not being fully fixed back to it’s original levels yet when I took this survey, among a few other suggestions. I also voted on geofencing automations for the whole household (automatically arm and disarm based on if everyone’s away or not). There are some new features and considerations I look forward to.

I know many of you following this thread have wanted to feel like your voice has been heard with this concern. Here is your opportunity with something specifically saying “MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD” about the HMS and I thought some of you would appreciate the heads up that here is such an opportunity. There are plenty of places to leave feedback and comments in this survey, and it will be worth your time since the people in charge of the HMS will be reading it. :slight_smile: I did include this issue in my feedback, but it might be helpful for them to hear from a few other people that the volume is still lower than it used to be so they don’t think it is an isolated situation.

Think of any other suggestions you’d like to make as well. The more participation, the more it will help to improve things, so thanks in advance to everyone who helps give input on their HMS preferences. :+1:


What I don’t get is how it can be an isolated issue when Wyze has shipped some of us new Hubs and the new hub experiences the same low volume.

Is it isolated to our HMS account- not so much the physical hardware? I’m puzzled.

This thread has been quiet for quite a while now. Almost as if folks excepted their new faith of the present volume level. Or they just don’t care enough the way I did. Either way Wyze has left this issue unsolved for a quarter of a year already. It’s a shame, I liked my HMSS before this problem came about.

I am on my third hub and my volume issue has been fixed but I am not running beta anymore and I haven’t played with the volume settings either to prevent any issues from arising again.

Now I am having issues with my cam v3 haha

It’s been so long I can’t compare how much lower the alarm is from original. The countdown volume is louder, and the monitor settings white screen of death was fixed.

The volume of the alarm seems to match other alarms on the market based on decibels. Like simply safe

Waiting to see if they work in additional speakers or more alerts that can be pushed to the cameras or keypads.

Other than that I think it seems to be working about the same as it did originally.

Is this a new survey or the same one I took a few weeks ago. I at that time mentioned the low alarm volume.

ETA: I’m assuming it’s the same now that I actually take a good look at your screenshot. I did my survey through the app.

It’s the same one from about 2 months ago

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Thanks for the heads up on the survey!

I hope they integrate the V3 siren with the sense hub. It appears they are working on chime integration which would be better then nothing but you still couldn’t have a siren outside of the house unless they make an outdoor chime. I personally would rather scare the intruder off then wait for an emergency response team!

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I have been complaining and waiting for a fix for so long now that I’ve almost given up. I am waiting on the delivery if replacement hub #3. The countdown and door/window alert tones are about 2x louder than the alarm siren (set in HIGH). It is totally unacceptable. Since I didn’t purchase all of my equipment from Wyze (approx 30 sensors) directly, they are refusing to refund my total investment…So I have no other option but to wait and hope that SOMEDAY SOMEONE at Wyze will actually get off their a** and fix the issue they created in the first place. Note: I did get an email from Sonny (a Wyze Wizard-Not my name for him) saying that they don’t know what to do about the volume problem so they are not going to research it any further at this time.

What decibel readings are you getting on the countdown and the alarm, my testing found them to be about the same.

Also the alarm does not have a volume setting, only the countdown and alerts.

Can’t figure out how to fix it? Can’t they reverse whatever they did in the firmware update that broke it?

Not positive your message is for me but…the hub most definitely has volume settings for the alarm siren(Low, Med, High) they just don’t change anything!

Evidently not…If I go off of what te “tech guru/Wyze wizard” Sonny said in his email. Crazy… right?

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