Sensor hub volume has decreased considerably after latest update

I wouldn’t necessarily describe the latest firmware as “getting there” If you can’t hear your siren from just Outside your door that’s about two feet away from the siren.

the volume increase I received on mine is negligible. It is really hard to notice, and my volume tab is set on high.


I never asked anyone to lie. Be perfectly honest in your poor reviews! At this point the truth hurts more than any lie about Wyze. Liable and Slander is only illegal because it’s saying false statements as truth. I’m asking you to share your truths via bad reviews.

I’m not sure you get the reason for this? It’s to incentivize eyes on the prize. Which is everyone’s safety and security.

But, thanks for ruining all the fun with an article about lying people trying to paint false images in other’s minds.

I was up until 3 A.M. having to talk to the police about my neighbor and her boyfriend that are harassing and causing me intention emotional distress.

Meanwhile, the security system that is supposed to be assisting me with this nuisance is malfunctioning. My security system is non functional. It’s not doing what it expected to and there is absolutely ZERO scheduled release dates to address these possibly lethal, issues that Wyze engineers themselves have created and are yet to be addressed.

And, after you informing me that this a community only forum, I don’t see the point of posting here. No actual Wyze employees even look at this? And, the community is unwilling to make a splash in order to be heard? And, this community isn’t willing to do what it takes to get things done efficiently and effectively so, I’ll stop wasting my time here.

It is disappointing to think that this thread is not being read by the proper Wyze folks that should be learning about the critical issue at hand. There is plenty of good information on this thread by users who are all suffering from the decrease in volume. I have been linking this thread to @wyzecam on social media and also to tech support in the past. I hope someone from in house has come here by now.

There doesn’t seem to be any level of urgency, or communication, for a problem that was fat fingered, developer self induced.

How about a “we are aware of this situation and are working around the clock for a fix ASAP” statement somewhere?

I empathize with the stuff @Legionwear is going through with their neighbor. Wyze products are designed for security, surveillance, piece of mind. And right now there is very little peace of mind with a problem that was self induced.

It’s not like this is the product we bought and received, yet now there’s very little we can do other than wait or drop Wyze altogether and go elsewhere.

Leaving a bad review at this point shouldn’t be that far fetched, this is going on a month soon with this stupid useless whisper mode.

Has anyone recently tested the siren mode under test mode… it’s comical the audio decibel it pumps out under high volume.

I mean just fix this stupid thing already. why isn’t it as easy as increasing the decibel level under the speaker volume language code ? Very upsetting.

yes, just tested the siren in test mode on high, it is still lower than the medium before.

Hi, folks!

We’re sorry for the trouble and are currently testing a fix for the hub volume decrease issue. We’ll be sending it out when it’s stable and has run through testing. I’m not going to promise a release date since we’re in the middle of testing, but we are aware of this one and working on it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!!

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I too have issues with this new low volume issue. When I pull into my garage I used to be able to notice if the delay beeps were activated. With people coming and going I am not able to hear if the alarm has been set from the garage anymore, very frustrating!!
Also I can’t figure out why Wyze put out the V3 with the “mini alarm” that can not be activated through the HMS with rules.

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Thanks Gwen. It certainly is reassuring when Wyze acknowledges the issue and reassures progress in these forums. Will keep looking for the firmware fix.

On a related topic, when I try to change the sound level on the hub it doesn’t stick. Keeps going back to mid-level when I exit the setup page. Using iOS v2.25.16 and firmware on the hub.

Out of curiosity since the hub volume for some is low, if you pair a new sensor can you guys hear the audible noise “pairing is ready” when you are doing the setup? I seem to have lost all sound from my hub and was wondering if anyone else is dealing with a similar situation.

I used to always hear the pairing announcement from my hub any time I set up sensors from my hinge office.

I just set up roughly 5 sensors I within the last week, and did not ever hear the pairing announcement from my office this time. I assumed it was just because of the reduced volume issues. I can’t verify whether it never announced it at all it whether it was just lower volume, but I can verify I used always hear the pairing announcement (for almost 2 dozen other sensors) but I recently haven’t been able to hear it anymore from my office like I used to.