Sensor Battery Status and Signal Strength Summary Page in App

With the number of sensors and sensor groups I have growing, I was thinking it would be useful to have a page where I can check the battery and signal status of all sensors at one time (ungrouped, just a listing). I know I can go into each sensor and look for the red battery icon and also drill down into the details to see signal strength, but having those two items presented for all sensors on one page would be helpful to identify any that might be offline, have dying batteries, and possibly troubleshoot or do a quick check of system health, it would save a bunch of drilling down. The data is already available and in the app so it might be as simple as creating a new page in the app with the listing of those data elements by sensor. The other alternative (although not as convenient) would be to surface those two details in the same place where sensor status and time is listed currently - I would still need to drill into groups but it would save some drilling down.

I would prefer once the battery gets to a certain level that it just sends you a notification for that particular device. And then I don’t have to monitor anything

I just got a low battery message the other night for my mailbox contact sensor, didn’t even know it did that. It was 8 degrees out and I think the cold caused it.


Did it appear on your phones home screen like a normal notification or was it just a notification in app?

I’m a bit embarrassed to say I don’t remember for sure whether it was an IOS push notification o
the home screen or a popup notification in the app, but it was an actual banner type notification. I still haven’t changed the battery yet and haven’t gotten another notification since, but I did get one.

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I have 17 Wyze devices to keep track of. It would be nice if there was a one button option that would give me a simple list of the devices and their battery status. That would save me a lot of time looking at each individual device to determine their battery status, particularly since notifications don’t seem to work all the time.

It would be nice if it was something like this.

I would like to see the battery level/status, signal strength and online/offline status on the main page instead of having to go into device info


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I think the Wyze app should have a battery status tab that gathers all the battery stats for all devices in one location. As well as have battery low notifications

Is this something Wyze is working on? Is very annoying the have to check each individual sensor instead of having a summary page.

It is not something they are currently working on. A good sign of that changing would be the tag at the top being changed from ‘maybe-later’ to ‘researching’

I would like to see some sort ofa Battery Monitoring page. It would show you the status of all the added devices, and their Battery Status. It would also allow at least daily pull the battery status and send out a notification if any devices are offline / low battery / or any other pertinent information.

I wouldn’t mind working with you more on this if possible. Thanks!