Sensor and hub specs

Where can i find the range and quantity specs of the sensors/hubs. Multiple hubs as well? What kinda of performance depreciation should be expected as quantity of sensors grow?

There’s a FAQ in the Sense section of the Support link, top right.


Thank you, overlooked the FAQ link on mobile

sensor range seems to be severely limited (10-15 ft) and my hub won’t connect to my Google WiFi mesh network even though the cam/hub are within 10 feet of two access points. it worked once when I put the cam right next to an AP.

The hub (I’m speculating you meant the bridge) doesn’t talk directly to a WiFi network, it uses the cameras WiFi connection. The bridge and sensors communicate at 915 Mhz. Do you have any devices that would cause RF interfere on that frequency?

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interesting, so the Sense devices use the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands. 915 Mhz is can only be used in ITU Region 2 (the Americas and Greenland), not Europe, Africa and Asia. (

Cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, near field communication (NFC) devices, garage door openers, baby monitors and wireless computer networks (WiFi) all may use the ISM frequencies, although these low power emitters are not considered ISM.

So yes, I guess there could be interference from other sources.

I have one of my contact sensors on my out building which is about 40-50 feet away from the bridge which is inside. It picks up just fine. So distance is fairly good on the contact sensors.