Sensitivity, Detection Zones and Events


Last night was an extremely quiet night for my Wyzecam that normally gets peppered by headlights. Normally, it pings a notice every five minutes during headlight hours, so push notices are turned off and I’ve even resorted to a scheduled shortcut that turns off motion detection. I use continuous recording because I don’t trust events only. Last night I decided to cancel the shortcut that turns off motion detection, so it remained on and recorded events to the cloud. Or so I thought. There was a two hour window of no events recorded to the cloud, which I thought was highly unlikely. So how do you check this?
Option A) Get out the ladder, pull the SD card, copy the directories and files to a laptop, either watch 120 1 minute videos or combine them into a single video, watch 2 hours of video or fast forward at 2x, 3x, 5x or more. Watching too fast and you risk missing a car speeding by and certainly anything that happens in a shorter time frame.
Option B) Watch two hours of video.

I chose Option B. For one hour only. During that time there were two fairly large and significant pixel change areas that were identified by motion tagging within my defined detection zone, but were not in my Events list. How can this be? Is motion tagging at a 100 sensitivity level within the detection zone, but the user defined sensitivity determines what becomes an event? Well that can’t be right, because my sensitivity is set at 100. I would certainly like to know why these events didn’t get Event notifications. Any ideas?

Here’s a related thread on the different sensitivities and zones, but doesn’t explain why I didn’t get an Event notice.

Notifications not working - Push notifications ON

Hey, OverWatch!

I see that this is a recent post. Am I correct in assuming that this is still an issue? I’m not in the office yet but I will be tomorrow and I’d be happy to look into this.

How long ago was your most recent event video?

Are you up for us looking into this on the server side? We would need your username, MAC address, time zone, and the time of an event video you should have received.

This would be enough to get us started before I get into the office. :slight_smile:


The two events happened this morning at 12:56AM and 1:14AM where I didn’t receive notices. This may or may not be related to the same issue as others not receiving notices, because I did receive notices at 12:36AM and before and then 2:38AM and later. Their “no notice” issue seems to be either on or off. There was a two hour window of no notices, which was very unusual for this camera, so I reviewed the Playback and found the two motion tagged events without Events videos. I also have screen captures of the motion tagged areas. I don’t post usernames and MAC addresses, so where do I send it?


use the message button when you click on her profile, it is a big blue box.


Hi, please send it to me. I will message you. Thanks!


I was going to recommend the message function, too! But sending directly to Tao cuts out the middleman. :slight_smile:


Yes, Tao got with me early this morning and I sent him what he requested. Thanks for following up!


You’re welcome! I was about to ask you for logs but if you’re working with Tao you’re probably about three steps ahead of me.


Well, I followed his instructions in the PM and sent the logs to the address he requested, but didn’t hear back. That was at 6AM EST. I’m sure he’s busy.


If you sent logs then that about covers it! He’ll let you know if he needs anything else. In the meantime, I’ll make sure that the product team knows that you followed the instructions in case he hasn’t had a chance to look.