Sense motion sensor offline

I have the same problem on occasion. I have three cams in three locations. I have installed light timers on all three and they get rebooted once a day early in the morning. That seems to work for me. I also do this with ten other brands of cams in three locations hundreds of miles apart.the routers also get rebooted once a day.

Have you tried any of this yet ?

I waited for the camera update. Last weekend I unplugged and replugged the module in back of camera, re connected my two switches. I checked them for function and they were great! Five minutes later they are offline again. These sensors appear to be useless. :frowning:

I just found out all my sensors were offline so I power-cycled the camera, which brought them back online. I found this thread and no where do I see where Wyze has responded. Am I missing something? I would have thought that by now Wyze would have identified the problem and notified the Community of the expected fix time.
Would it be at least possible to get a notification when devices go offline? I could then cycle the WiFi plug (not a Wyze) that has the camera plugged into it.
Maybe @WyzeGwendolyn knows more.


I have never had any success with my motion or open/close sensors. I originally got them to connect when within a few feet of the cam with the bridge, but once i moved the sensors any distance away they no longer connected to the bridge. I tried moving the bridge to another cam and since then I have never been able to get the sensors to work again at all. I even removed the bridge, reset the cams, and deleted the sensors from the app. Now the sensor cannot even be readded. The process of adding a sensor always times out even when I am just a few feet away from the bridge/cam.

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This is a user to user forum primarily. I’m around but I will often not see threads unless I’m tagged (like @lbeck37 did here). Sorry for the delay! I was out of the state recently.

I’d recommend contacting our support team if you’re still having trouble with sensors. If it’s an environmental issue, our team will be able to help get it sorted out. If it’s a hardware problem, we’ll be able to send a replacement. You can get in touch with our support team through this form:

Support Request Form

I just bought a pan cam and sensors. I noticed any time I pan the camera it instantly cuts the signal from the bridge. I made a video showing what happens. I tried to upload but it says because I’m a new user I’m not allowed to upload attachments.

**I found out that aftermarket cable I bought was causing the bridge to short due to lack of power

I will tag a mod so they can change your trust level. Then you can upload the video. :slightly_smiling_face:



You should now be able to upload the video. Let us know if you have any trouble.

Had same issue with sensors goes offline. only solution is use original cable and original power adapter or third party adapter having output at least 1.8 A.

It’s been a while and I totally forgot I have had this issue of sense devices going offline. This is because I forgot I have a smartplug set up to power cycle the wyze camera every day early morning. This weekend I removed the smartplug (to use for the Xmas tree…) and the problem resurfaced. Had to put the smartplug back.

So, obviously this issue is still around, not fixed. The power cycle trick works for me.

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Found out the hard way what everyone knows here… my new sensors are unreliable and went offline without any notification… we lost everything in our freezer because I was trusting they would alert me when the door was open.

Powercycling the v2 cam brings the sensor back online, but it goes down again within 24 hours. Only 20 feet straight line-of-sight, so no issue with signal. Shocked Wyze is allowing this problem to persist for so long. I have found the cam to be highly-reliable so I trusted their brand for the sensors. Apparently that was a bad call.

At the very least, Wyze should allow for a notification when the sensors go offline. Without that, sensors are not trustworthy.


One sensor went out light won’t flash says batt is normal yesterday

Same story. All sensors went offline. All within 10 feet with no obstructions. Signal strength says is strong, battery is good, but says it’s offline.

Hi, @NotMyCupOfTea. Sorry to hear you are having problems with your sensors. Is the sense bridge in a Cam Pan or a v2 cam? The steps below usually get the sensors back online by my experience.

Wyze Sense Troubleshooting

  1. Turn off the cam with the bridge installed
  2. Remove the bridge and then turn cam back on wait until it connects
  3. Plug the bridge back in and let it connect

It’s recommended to use the sense bridge in a V2 cam and not a Cam Pan if possible.

My bridge is in a v2 cam. I have tried these steps multiple times and have never been able to get the sensors to connect again. I am literally inches away from the bridge. The connection always times out. I have even removed the cam from my devices and readded it. Still not connection with the sensors.

Hi, @lhntx00! I see you have had this issue for a long time according to your posts in this thread and tried almost everything recommended. Did you ever start a support ticket on this issue yet? If not, I would recommend contacting Wyze customer service . You may have a bad bridge. Wyze has tools to help troubleshoot your network.


Thanks. I decided to go ahead and do this.

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You’re welcome and I hope you get this issue resolved. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think this worked! thanks