Sense motion sensor offline

Successfully setup my Wyze Sense motion sensor yesterday, but today it’s offline. It’s literally 15ft direct line of sight between the bridge and motion sensor. I’ll try resetting it tonight. Is Wyze collecting data via MAC address? I’m certain I would have said yes to sharing data with Wyze. Or open a trouble ticket for every issue instead of just analytic telemetry back for their review?


Others have complained about them going offline at midnight.

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Same here. I can’t say what time the motion detector went offline, but it was offline this morning and when I restarted the Wyzecam that has the bridge in it, it came right back up. This may be a daily chore… .
That being said, I think it is remarkable how well WyzeSense works. The motion sensor is enclosed in a metal mailbox 60+ feet and outside of a brick wall from the camera with the bridge. Amazingly, I am getting a signal, although I do get a few false positives, i.e. motion detected when there is none.
I’ve had mine only a day, so will check tomorrow if it went offline overnight again.

Experiencing similar issues with my Wyze motion sensor. It’s not picking up any movements. I like wyze products, but this isn’t ready for prime time.

I just noticed my sensors were offline this morning. Seems like they’ve been off for a few days with no notice. Rebooting camera worked - but that’s propped up under the roof of my porch so that is not a good long term strategy :slight_smile:

Wyze sense keeps going offline. Restart camera seems to work, but never more than a day.

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I just installed mine today and noticed the door sensors were offline today. I’m not at home, so I can’t power cycle the camera. I tried turning my cameras on and off from my app, but it doesn’t seem to help. Any resolution to this?

I have a Motion Sensor in my mailbox has shown the same behavior. Has been so since installed. I have been restarting daily until this morning when I decided to not restart so as to see if the sensor was actually online. When the mail carrier arrived, the sensor worked properly and within a minute it update to show it was online. Tomorrow? We’ll see.

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All my sensors off line and work whenever they want, i have 96% wifi signal strength & full bars on sensor


I had a similar problem. Over the course of 5 days I tried to troubleshoot why my contact sensor would constantly go offline requiring a camera reboot. Two days ago I attempted to remove and re-add the problematic sensor, for some reason it wouldn’t add back this time so I swapped it with an unused one which paired perfectly as expected. It’s now been 2 days and the replacement sensor is working as it should 100%. I think I have a problem with the first sensor for sure now, not the hub.

Also, I would love to use the motion sensor in my mailbox that’s only 12’ from the hub but immediately after I close the door the signal drops so I guess the metal box turns into a faraday cage. It sure would be nice if I could attach a tiny antenna out the back or something to get that signal out of the box, any ideas? I’m not a fan of plastic mailboxes but right now it seems like the only option available.

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Hi Lukeborn -
For reasons I cannot explain, my sensor is in a metal mailbox approximately 60’ from my camera, which is straight line-of-sight behind a single pane glass window. After some initial spotty performance, i.e. falling off line and false triggers, I have had perfect performance for about 2 weeks. I still get a false positive now and then (got one at 3:07AM this morning and the camera showed no visible activity) and as frequently as 1 per day, but overall nothing I can’t live with.
I am going to set the appropriate camera to record a Sensor Video (go to the motion sensor settings to do this) and see if I can find some rhyme or reason to my false triggers. I’ll report back if there is anything definitive.

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I have similar issues, don’t know at what time it goes offline, but the next morning I could see a couple of them are offline. A reboot of the camera fixes the issue… very annoying…

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same problem here. I have 2 cameras handling sensor gateways in different areas and some time sensors connected to one gateway are all offline while the other sensors connected to the other gateway are ok.
Seems like an signal interference problem. Any idea/solution from Wyze?
in general all Wyze products works fine. my only complain is this problem with the sensors.

These sensors are a pain to get started and troubleshoot. Bought a bunch from wyze but regret not having waited for more feedback. They are too busy to respond to emails. All I’m doing is restarting my cameras and deleting and adding back the sensors…


I assure you, Wyze support is busy responding to emails, not ignoring them. When did you submit your support ticket? If it’s older than two weeks, then please post the number here, and I’ll see if I can visibility on it.

Not two weeks yet as I recently got the sensors. Irrespective, I think two weeks is not a great service standard especially when troubleshooting is typically done over a series of emails.

I tried several options including deleting the offline sensors, moving the bridge to another wyzecam, restarting the camera, resetting the camera and changing the power cables. Nothing worked.
Then I rebooted the home WiFi (it’s a pain because it disturbs many other things). The contact sensors could be added but the motion sensor went offline.
I really regret this purchase. I wish Wyze had done a better testing instead of rushing this to the market. No choice now but to wait for their support to revert. The bigger issue is if their products will be reliable as they have no utility if they are not.

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the OP was 5 weeks ago without response from Wyze. Based on what folks are posting it seems like a batch of bad motion sensors. maybe there will be a firmware fix pushed. maybe the dinosaurs are just hiding and will come back soon. who the hell knows…

You’re absolutely right, two weeks is not a good standard. But I have been assured by Wyze they are working on reducing the turn-around on support tickets. Last I knew, there was a two week backlog. I’m not sure where it’s sitting at now.

Same here. Another day, another day that the sensor says offline. I added a six inch antenna and now have three bars - but still not active. I deleted the sensor and readded, but sensor still not working. I’m having the same issues with the motion detector, but deleting and adding always times out. SO DISAPPOINTED in this product.