Sense Devices in Alexa

So I love the Wyze Bulbs and they are working seemlesly with Alexa.
What would be great is if I could add the Wyze Sense devices to Alexa so she could control my mix of smart devices.
I knew getting into this that something like this would happen but I don’t want to throw away functional products just because I can’t have them all integrate into one interface.
I have some Wink bulbs in our bedroom but I want to add a contact sensor to our door so they turn on that way as well as being able to tell Alexa to control them.

Just an idea I hope it makes “sense” no pun… ok pun intended!

Have a Blessed day!

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Hmm, I would think the integration problem would be a software issue with amazon to make them all compatible. It’s worth a shot though.

I have a ring doorbell and I’d love to get away from their yearly service fee just to record videos, which I get for free with wyze. That’s it! WYZE doorbells! Your welcome Wyze! Lol

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Oh yes a doorbell!
I have put off getting one because of price but now I know my patience, “frugality”, will pay off!

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Yeah, the Ring retails for like $100-150, but what you dont realize is its $100/year per device. But you can pay $300/year and have as many devices as you want. Yeah, no thanks. I’m with you on that one.