Sense Bridge Firmware Fail

After a couple of attempts to update a Sense Bridge firmware from 0.30 to 0.33 the unit seems to be bricked. It dropped out of the app and will no longer show up. I’ve tried power cycling the Cam with both the software and pulling the plug; with the bridge both connected and disconnected but the bridge is never seen. The LED lights up on the bridge initially when plugged into the Cam but then goes out and no other status reported.

I made the mistake of trying to upgrade the firmware on a Cam Pan. I don’t know how many people are successfully running the bridge on a Cam Pan but I’ve found it to be unstable and Wyze support said that others had better success using a higher wattage power brick than what shipped with the Cam Pan. I’m guessing this may have played a role in the failed firmware upgrade but I’ve moved it to a Cam and it hasn’t helped recover the device.

I had the same problem with one of my Pan Cams out of four. This Pan Cam and it’s bridge always gave me issues. I pulled the bridge, power cycle it, insert the bridge bridge back in, waited until bridge light went solid blue, and viola, successful update from .30 to .33. Hope this works for you.

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