Sell Wyze Car Again

As a victim of the poorly orchestrated special sale of the ‘Truck’, I would love to know if this thing will be offered again and is it possible to pre-order as most products are.

Really want that truck guys… No BS…

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Yes please Wyze! I am sad I missed out on the Wyze Car Pre-order. I really want to get this car and hope that Wyze will sell it again!


Took me 6 hours of trying and I finally got one of the little suckers. First few times, they were gone in less than a minute.

I did call Wyze Customer Service and asked them what in the world were they thinking about testing the bandwith. 3 hours I got caught in the order accepted and paying through my Amazon account. I switched and then the 4 time to pay with credit card. It worked… barely.

I would hate to see the stats and taking down their merchandise server over a $50 “truck” for over 8 hours. I would have gladly bought more merchandise that day, but didn’t because my truck would be gone if I didn’t check out.


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I need one

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